Winter-Twilight's Daughter

Born in an assassin family, Tiear knows a limited number of things other than fighting, but when her family becomes prey and is slaughtered, she travels to Aerano; a town in the kingdom of Ansalerere.She realizes that Aerano is not all it's made out to be, a place with high criminal rating, in fact, it's completely opposite!She does something that she hasn't done since her older brother had left.The desicion to get back to that hobby might lead to many things, including a new love! :)

Chapter 1

Even More Alone

I wiped my sleeve against my forehead.It wasn't cold, it never was, but my stomach clenched at the events that had happened that day.
I heard a faint rustle from behind me and I reached to grab a sharp stick.The rustle stopped, started, and stopped again.It was only a Reverstere, a rabbit with abnormal red eyes and fur, it looked like a bloodbath itself and I started waaving back and forth, the red swirling with the navy in the sky.Until eventually I fell on the grass.
My night was disturbed with nightmare after nightmare, that day replaying in my mind.I wished for it to stop, tossed from side to side, and eventually woke up with a scream.To think that that one day would make me shocked this much!
I stood up shakily.I was humiliated!An assasin shocked by a killing!
I opened and closed my hand, I had left my common weapon at our old home, now rubble.I quickly made it to a stream and started drinking the freezing water.This done I cut my hair to my shoulders and took off my light armor, leaving a worn peasants dress, which I had used my last assighnment.
I set off South-East to the town of Aerano.There I might be able to survive.It was in an area none of my family had been to for over 3 centuries and had a high bounty rate, I could make my living on killing criminals that their police system could not.I could also be a blacksmith.In Aerano, they did not have a ot of restrictions for woman, and I had learned how to make armor when I was 5...
I might make a definition chapter after this and add on once the words come up in the other chapters!They are not any language you can translate online, from famly, or books!

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