Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) In Real Life

Read the title..... randomness I wrote.

Chapter 1

Ch. 1

"Zoe, do we have Math next?" Platypus asked.
We both walked into room 6, where we were greeted by Patsy who was drawing in her math notebook.
"Ciel, why you wear Len's Pants?"
"Come on Patsy, those are Miku's pants!" I said, reminding her of the drive to an overnight with school where Miku was deemed Len and Len was deemed Miku.
Just as I was about to ask Patsy who our Math teacher was a tall pale man walked in.
"Hello, I am Sebastian, your new math teacher." The man said as he made his way to the front of the classroom.
"Please go around the room and tell me your names. Seats will be assigned tomorrow." I quickly sat down next to Patsy and Platypus. A girl I had never seen before sat across from me.
"I'm Maya F. "
"I'm Madeline"
"I'm Sophie"
"I'm Elizabeth Y."
"I'm Jayna."
"I'm Zoe."
"I'm Charlotte." The girl next to me said, I realized she had a slight British accent.
"I'm Lizy."
"I'm Maya C."
"I'm Elizabeth R."
"I'm Sarah."
"I'm Emily."
"I'm Anna."
"I'm Noa."
"I'm Emma."
"I'm Duckie." (Yes, there is a girl in our school who goes by Duckie)
"Good. Now, before we begin; Please share one thing with your group that you would like them to know."
"I like to, and have, traveled a lot." I said (which is true).
"I go by the nick-name Platypus." Said Platypus. Both Patsy and I already knew that, we were the ones who deemed her Platypus officially at school. I guess there wasn't much Platypus, Patsy or I could say that the other two wouldn't be surprised about.
"I go by Patsy because of our librarian." Patsy said.
"Call me Charlotte and I will beat you with my pimp cane. Call me a name regarding my height and I will beat you with a stapler. Call me Charlotte while insulting my height and I will beat you with my pimp cane AND a stapler." The supposed Charlotte said.
"So what should we call you?" I asked, thoroughly interested. Before "Charlotte" could answer my question we jumped into the first lesson.

After Math we had P.E., which I did fine in, Patsy was average, Platypus was the same as always, and Charlotte basically failed. After P.E., the 3 of us (Platypus, Patsy and I) walked out of the gym and went to spend recess by the lunch tables.

“Who is our Humanities teacher?” I asked as I spotted Charlotte who was talking to Sebastian over by the garbage area.
“I don’t know, but I pretty sure they’re new. We have drama next.” Platypus said as she handed me a piece of her health bar thing. I remembered that with our group of 8 we would be performing a play in drama. Today was Tuesday so drama would be a double period.
“Have you guys read the newest chapter of Black Butler?” Patsy asked. I answered with a simple yes. Humanities was probably the biggest surprise of the day, but I’m getting ahead of my self.

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