Present Of A Life Time

A Christmas Story!!

Chapter 1

Good Morning

I wake up to the comforting smell of pancakes and coffee mixed with trees and peppermint. I just love Christmas, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. I get up, make my bed and take a shower, afterwards I put on my sweater and tights, throw my hair in a bun, and head downstairs. I see my mother setting the table that barely fits the three of us and help her, when we are done I go and gently wake up my younger brother, he yells and then tries to go to sleep but it's to late he already smelled pancakes, his favourite, and shoots up as soon as possible "COMING!" he yells to my mother, and hurry's out of bed. I laugh and go back down stairs.

I see the small fern we call a "tree" in the corner, it is decorated with dollar store lights among other things. I smile, this is the best tree we have had in years. I sit down in the plastic lawn chair as my mother goes to see my brother, we can't eat without everybody sitting so I wait and I start thinking how we got hear, in plastic chairs.

My father divorced my mother but she got custody of me and my brother, he got custody of my sister Isabella, unfortunately he got all the money and the house, so me and my mother and brother packed out bags and left the mansion, now we live here, i never hear from my father and Isabella has become a snob. That's the end of that story.

I hear them coming down stairs and snap back into reality, "hey guys" I say in my quite voice, it's hard because everyone asks what's wrong all the time and no one ever hears me but that's just how I talk. My mother mumbles something along the lines of "fine" and she rubs my shoulder before she sits. My brother sits eagerly and says "Great!" and smiles. Me and my brother sit and wait staring at mother until she says "dig in" and we eat.


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