No Hope Left (An Original Story)

This is an original idea that I came up with after a conversation with my family. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 1


"Even after the sky has been grey for many years a little blue can peek through...reminding us that there is hope even in the darkest of times"


Welcome to what is left of Aldosia. After years of warfare the new government that has come to power has restricted everything ...only the most privileged (and rich) people have any sort of protection from the government. The rest are condemned to what is left of a barren and burning land. Resources are scarce. People live in communities and stick together, there are those -the "scavengers"- that have been left to raid and steal things from the others. Weapons have been forbidden (guns at least, knives are allowed if you live in the "Barren" but once you get to the cities...nada, only the guards have weapons). They live in a charred and broken land. And they do not know the meaning of HOPE...the only thing that they know, is how to survive. Children do not last long. They are given names only after they survive the age of 5...and not many do so...the elderly are also rare. They cannot survive the harsh living. Very few remember what it is like to live with green grass, blue skies, and the freedoms that were once taken for granted. People do what they must to live although the lives that they have are not really lives at all.

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