No Hope Left (An Original Story)

This is an original idea that I came up with after a conversation with my family. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 13


Will opened his eyes the heat of the Barren pressing so closely around him that he felt as though it was going to suffocate him. He rubbed his hand wearily over his face and through his hair. His body already crying out in protest from sleeping on the hard ground.

He was an idiot.

Why had he been so stupid? The Government had been taking people from the Barren for years, why had it struck him so?

Will shook his head, he didn't know and he wasn't sure he wanted to. He grabbed his pack and began digging through it. His hand slipped over the smooth metal of his small brandy canteen. Grabbing it he brought it to his lips and took a quick gulp of the lukewarm liquid.

"Stupid, stupid." He growled to himself, "You could be at home, eating whatever you want, relaxing, drinking a cold drink or sleeping for that matter." He took another swig from the canteen.


Will jumped up and turned in the sound the voice had come from. A group of rather bedraggled people stood around him. Will cursed inwardly for being so careless.

"Looks like we have ourselves a newly banished one." A scraggly dark haired man drawled, the rest of his group laughed.

"What do you want?" Will sneered.

"Well...what do you have?" The dark one questioned.

"What I have is mine." Will snapped straightening up to his full height.

"Look mate, we're scavangers, we don't care if its "yours" it can easily be made ours. Also, I might point out that there are 7 of us and only 1 of you." The man grinned as though he had just made a hilarious joke of which Will was the punch line.

"Come on now, Finn," a woman murmured leaning on Finn's arm. "He might make a decent addition to our group." Finn eyed Will at the woman's suggestion.

"Maybe you're right Leeta.." Finn muttered putting his hands on his hips and walking up towards Will.

"Don't I get a say in this?!" Will exclaimed backing away from Finn. They were toying with his life..keyword HIS.

"Not really no..however..if you come with us we wouldn't have to hurt you and you could share those things instead of us forcefully taking them." Finn leaned in close, "Your choice mate."

"Can I choose when I share them?" Will questioned, thinking that it would be possible for him to slink away in the middle of the night with his things.

" we have a deal?" Finn held out his hand. William eyed it he knew he couldn't trust Finn...but what choice did he have? None. So reluctantly William grasped Finns hand.



"Mem!! MEM!" A frantic cry woke Remember from her deep sleep. She scrambled from her bed, Hope was still curled up in a little ball, her slow deep breaths told Mem that she was still sleeping peacefully.

Mem lifted the flap of her tent. "What?! What is it?!" She rushed over in the direction of the person calling.

Skye was clutching Forrest's arm and her eyes were scared. She looked like a caged animal. "Scavengers." she whispered and she pointed her finger to the horizon, in the distance Mem could see the outline of several people coming toward them. Mem could only pray that Skye was wrong...or this could get ugly.

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