No Hope Left (An Original Story)

This is an original idea that I came up with after a conversation with my family. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 2

A Thing Called Hope

The breeze is harsh and hot, the dry cracked ground calls out for water. As do most of the people. Life is hard. A small trickle of water runs through a small community about 70 miles away from the nearest..."city".

The "cities" are more like domes of paradise occupied by the "supporters" people who have lots of influence, power, and money. They also conveniently turn their heads at anything that is wrong...which the "Government" does a lot.

But out in the "Barren" the people are condemned to suffering, anguish, and unjust treatment from everyone..even each other.

To survive you have to be strong. And in being strong, people have forgotten their compassion...they do what they must...and they no longer care, it doesn't matter what has to be long as they live..

That is what life is like. And it is a wonder that anyone has survived it...but people are adaptable...and these ones had to be.

A lone person walked quietly along the small stream of water that ran through the community. Remember Freedom, referred to as "Mem" by everyone. Mem was different, she had hope and a desire to change what life had become in the "Barren" her grandfather had given her that hope.

Life in Aldosia was meant to be better. Children were supposed to be able to survive, they should be able to play, to laugh, to grow...instead, a small cemetery was where the majority of the children lay sleeping. Left to play in Heaven where life was easy...and pain was unknown. But that was not the life that Mem, or any of the others had been born to. And she was going to change that...she had to.

"Things will be different." she breathed. "I promise you." She whispered to the sky, her grandfather had told her once "Whenever you need me Mem, look to the sky. And remember, it wasn't always day, it will be blue again."

Mem sighed. Her grandfather had died before he had seen his dream of freedom come true again. And the entire community mourned his passing and his memories of a better time. The stories gave them a feeling that nothing else did...a feeling that Mem's grandfather called "Hope."


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