No Hope Left (An Original Story)

This is an original idea that I came up with after a conversation with my family. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 3

Last Song

Mem walked slowly back to the heart of the community. Few people were awake, some were working at making a meager breakfast of things could be found. small gardens were watered and the few precious droplets that spilled onto the hands were quickly licked up by thirsty children.

"Mem," a weary, tired voice called. "Please come...the child is dying." Now it may sound harsh and unkind to refer to someone simply as "the child" but here in the Barren, children were not given names until they proved that they could survive, that was normally determined by age 5, then they received their name.

Mem, strode over to the small hut, she bent into the low doorway. The young mother who had called her sat in the middle of the floor with a limp figure in her arms, she shook with silent sobs. "Go on Skye, tell your husband, I'll take care of her." Skye stood on shaky legs and gently handed Mem her only child. At 3 years old she should be walking and smiling, but she lay limp and lifeless as though the very thought of a smile might exhaust her.

Mem held the child in her arms and rocked her, a lullaby that her grandfather had taught her came to her mind.

"Sleep, escape, allow my melody to set thee free,
run and play in a carefree memory, let no darkness take thee in.
Live in the happiness found within
Let thy dream land be your home, but always return back to me alone
You're always beloved little one
Sleep, escape, allow my melody to set thee free."

She sang the words softly, and a slight smile lifted the corner of the child’s mouth. "That's right," she cooed, "smile, smile one last time." Then the child’s head fell against her shoulder. And she was gone. Skye came back with her husband. Mem walked slowly to them, and handed them their little girl. "I'm so sorry." she whispered, Skye's eyes filled with tears as she accepted the little girl.

"Thank you for singing her one last song." Her husband Forest forced out. He grasped Skye by the arms and they sat together, on the floor...the tiny bundle in her arms. Being held by a family who still loved her even though she was gone.

"Another funeral," Mem, thought "Another angel to watch us from Heaven...but, one day, we will be free of this."

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