No Hope Left (An Original Story)

This is an original idea that I came up with after a conversation with my family. I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 4

Patch of Blue

Mem stood in her hut, the heat from the dry atmosphere, causing her to sweat. She looked up at the thatched roof, trying to keep the tears from falling down her face. "Another. Another life gone," she looked down and as tears slipped from her eyes, the ground hungrily consumed the only dampness that it had been allowed, in many months.

"Will we ever be free?” she whispered she looked up at a hole in the roof. As she gazed up her mouth opened in amazement, there against the dark dingy brown of the roof, a very, small patch of blue shined brightly. Mem nodded, "You're right Grandfather, we will be free...I will fight...I cannot watch another death...not when I can try to stop it." She shook her hair from her face.

Sitting on the ground she pulled out one of her knives, she pulled the stone that she had found and began to carve the name "Faith" the name that Skye's baby would have had, if she had lived to 5. Mem, did this for every person who passed in her community. Her name was "Remember". And she would remember all of them.

~In the City~

William Sands, lay in his bed. He didn't feel the urge to move. And he didn't have to. He wasn't one of the "cursed" his family supported the "Government" so they had no fear of banishment...who would want leave the dome anyways? Outside was a dingy world, and it was, it was never to cold or to warm. It was perfect.

The Sands family were long supporters of the "Government" and they were one of the most well protected families in it. They could live in whichever City they wanted, they could do whatever they wished, so long as the didn't cross the "Government", they were completely safe. Not even the law could touch them...they could break the rules and because of their connection to the leaders, they wouldn't get in trouble. William took advantage of that fact.

He was a spoiled, snobbish, rich boy who had never done anything for himself...everything had always gone well for him. And he found the people who lived outside of the domes to be things that were no more important than ants. Why should he care? They had nothing to do with him


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