Textually Active ~Original story or in a way more of a Quibblo and Chatzy Fanfic~

This is a story about Quibblo and Chatzy because they are cool and normally used together. I think so anyways. If you caught the BOTDF reference good for you.
Disclaimy: This isn't based on a true story and Quibblo has no idea about this so it doesn't represent it's views on things and I don't own Quibblo nor Chatzy blah blah. OH these characters are not based on real people.
This shall be rushed as I hope to be finished in under ten chapters!

Chapter 1

**Just the introduction continued: It's a little hard to show how relationships are developed online, and I have trouble putting it into words (despite the fact that I have made many friends that are wonderful) so it could be a little vague on that because I'm pretty sure most of my friends were made by messages such as "Hey, how ae ya?" etc and it would be boring if I got into that but I'm doing my best so shhh. **

We've all been told the stories of young girls (and some not so young) meeting up with someone they thought was their friend they found on the internet. For some parents, it's become a major fear. For their kids not so much.

"I'm smart," we think, "I know what to look for. Stuff like that only happens to stupid people." And we sign into our Facebooks, Tumblrs, Quibblos and what not.

We talk to people, watch what we say. We're careful. As careful as a teenager can be. We make friends, get close. Laugh together, have fun... Shudder and click away from profiles of people that are obviously fake. Sometimes laugh at the fools we see talking to them. Or just laugh at how easy they were to spot then warn each other about it.

Occasionally we'll talk to fakes that aren't so apparent, that slid their way into our groups of friends. But with a few mistakes on there part and some reverse image searching we find the truth. Confront them, find the reason why but the trust will always be gone. Everything becomes uncertain.

Among the fakes are real people. The trick is sorting through them. Something everyone likes to think they're good at.


I was first drawn to Quibblo by Harry Potter. All the fans and their fanfics... It's a wonderland of Harry Potter goodness. Along with a few other books and movies, a bit of anime here and there if you knew how to find it. I take that last bit back, Quibblo was easy to work and get the hang of.

Frustrated because only Quibblo members could see the other answers on a quiz, I signed up. My nickname was something to do with my love of Potter. After confirming my email I added a profile picture of Emma Watson, playing it safe for the first few days. I then spent hours friend requesting people that were online (they were hard to find as the majority of people here were from different time zones in the US to my Australian time zone), reading more stories and just messing with my profile until it was perfect.

The "About Me" was the hardest part. I started off with the usual "Hello, my name is-" and that's where I stopped. Do people here use pen-names or should I just go by my real name? Pen names are always safer, especially for people with uncommon (and maybe stupid names). Mine, Cordelia, was both uncommon for people my age and I think it's kind of silly. It makes me think of those pants that went out of style a few years ago. Pen name it is.

Do you know how hard picking a pen name is? You'll be known by that to anyone that stumbles along your profile. Your fate practically relies on it.

Thinking of my own name, I could cut off the "Cor" and leave it as Delia or use Cordy, a school nickname. Cordelia was a name my mum took from a TV programme that started a few weeks before I was born, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Do you know how loser-y that is? How hard it is to grow up with? Please, future parents watch how you name your children. There were so many nicer girls names on the show and so many better shows and names on television. At least I didn't get named Buffy... There's an idea! I clicked open a new tab and typed "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" into Google.

Opening a list of characters I read through and got irritated by how Mary Sue like the rest of the characters from the Buffyverse were. The only one I liked was Drusilla and I don't even like her. The page made out like she was insane and the quotes were fun. But Drusilla is a silly name... Dru, my pen name shall be Dru.

And I finished my About Me, adding things I liked and some indie-pop lyrics in tildes after. It was a little boring but good for a first effort.

I stayed up all night, my first night on Quibblo. It was brilliant. Quibblo is one of those places were people mostly follow "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" there were a few exceptions but it was all patched up quickly.

Me and my silly pen name gained friends over the next few weeks. Good friends, that shared interests with me, gave me some new ones. It was endless conversations mostly between me and these new friends, who would suggest other Quibblo users I would get along with. I messaged a girl called Becky the most. She's weird and over uses capitals but it was nice anyways, always a good break from girls at school.

Quibblo was slowly taking over my life. It changed my sleep hours and helped me procrastinate. I stayed up late most nights so I could talk to Becky. She lived in England and the time zones were just a little awkward, but not as bad as talking to the friends I had made that lived in America. We often talked about how great it would be if we were all in one time zone. That thought made us all a little sad, hopefully we will be in one time zone someday.


The first time I heard about Chatzy was from Becky.

"/Omfg, Dru, my Chatzy is BBBOOORING AND CONVERSation is dead. You should come talk to us! KATLIN AND SAGE ARE THERE! I don't think you know anyone else but just come! Pleeeaasse!/"

That was followed by some URL which I opened in a new tab.

"Welcome to »OMG IT'S CHATZY TIME«

To enter the room, please identify yourself below."

I typed Dru into the box and looked at the colours. Picking the orange, I switched back to my Quibblo tab and replied to Becky to make sure it was okay to go in. As always, it took her ten minutes to reply with a simple "Duh."

Clicking "Enter room" brought me to a new page with little tabs on the side of a big white box full of text. On the right side was a visitors list and everyone seemed to have a different colour, strange considering there was only about thirteen colours. The orange I had picked was being used by someone called Jodie.

In the textbox thing, it said "Beck cleared the room" followed by "Dru joined chat 10 seconds ago." Beck was using pink. I didn't know she liked pink!


Following Sage's "woo" was a pretty funny looking smiley... There was greetings from Katlin too she had a bright blue and orange Jodie and pink Nate and green Andy.

"Yes, Hello!" I typed, "What is that horrible thing with three teeth?!"

In response I got a smiley that was either laughing or trying to eat my face from everyone.

Andy: Click the smile next to where you're typing, Du. ^.^
Andy: *Deu
Andy: **DRU

As I did what I was told there was more face eating/laugh faces. A box popped up with a bunch of funny/scary looking faces. The first looked like a pedo smile... I looked for the three teeth smile ("Big Grin") and the face-eating-laugh ("lol"). The other faces mostly made me giggle, they looked awful stupid.

Dru: What weird faces. 'o'
Beck: YES, THEY ARE! Anyways everyone add Dru on Quibblooooo so that we can all be BFFs and such.

Beck gave them my username and Jodie, Nate and Andy typed out their own so I knew who I was accepting.

Dru: I accepted you. xD
Nate: it's laaatttttttteeeeee I need sleeeeep
Beck: I
Beck: Have
Beck: Important
Jodie: Beckkkkkky! We spoke of this one sentence = one post cx
Beck: -__- I have important things to say.
Nate: O.o kay
Beck: Druuu! Nate's from Australia toooo! Now you two talk about Australia together! 'KAY GOOOO!
Jodie: Oooohhhh AUSTRALIA!
Dru: Beck, let the boy sleep. I think it's a boy anyway 0.0 I don't make you talk about England with other people from England, do I?
Nate: Dru its late and I would love to talk about Australia with you but yes 3 am good night and shhh Beck.
Dru: You in WA, Nate? It's three here too! And that means i should sleep too...
Jodie: Talk, Katlin!
Nate: yeah I am lol
Nate: kay night everyone have a good afternoon!
Nate left chat
Dru: Night everyone! Nice talking to you!
Andy: Good night!

I closed the tab and shut down my laptop before Becky could stop me.


The following weeks lead to more and more frequent visits to the chatroom. Most visits were after school, while most other users were sleeping, leaving just Nate and I to talk about random stuff. While most of it never made sense, we were never bored.

Our friendship quickly grew into frequent video calls, texts and phone calls. It's was a hell of a lot cheaper for me to text him than Becky, Katlin and Sage.

Dru: Naaaatteee, take a new picture, I miss yer prettyoverly attractive face!/
Nate: miss my face? I made you a video like a week ago!
Nate: I have a better idea. come into Perth tomorrow and you could see my face in person.

While he lived four train stops north up the train-line from Perth and I lived five south, we had barely even talked about meeting up. Pretty weird considering I constantly talk about moving to England to live with Becky when I'm older.

Dru: Omg yush omfg gdghsuigjnsk!
Nate: we could go look at the art gallery and get coffee and stuff if you want
Dru: I'll bring that zebra picture I drew you so you can put it on your fridge.
Nate: brilliant brb

In his absence I quickly messaged Becky about the next days plans, with many dramatic, excited keysmashes. We would be the first people in the chatroom to meet up in person. After that I called a friend from my school, Ellen, to see if she wanted to go up to Perth (safety in numbers and all that), as Nate got back to replying to me.

Ellen, it seemed already had family plans. I considered calling my only other friend Jordan but like most other Harry Potter obsessed nerdy girls she chokes up in the company of boys in our grade so I don't think she would be able to handle talking to Nate. With him being two years older than us, tanned and attractive. It was a risk but I decided to go it alone. Perth is a busy place and I can look after myself. If we got into trouble, Ellie and Jordan would just look to me anyways. No point dragging them along.

That night was spent preparing for the excitement of the next day. The following morning was slow right up until I walked out the front door, yelling to my mother about being home by five. The day then speed up.

I stood by the doors the whole train ride, practically bouncing, gripping the zebra drawing to the point where it was gonna rip. The train slowed and I pressed the door button several more times than necessary. It opened slower than I wanted it to and I ducked out and hit my shoulders on the still opening doors.

I had to stop my self from running to the entrance Nate was supposed to be waiting at. I slowly walked and tried my best not to look like a weirdo. It worked well until I saw his pretty blond hair. That was when I ran. Then I jumped and tackled hugged. For the first time I was tankful that I was smaller and weaker than the average girl of my age because that could have gone badly.

"Surprise!" was all I could say between laughter.

Until I realized what I was doing and I stopped laughing and looked at my shoes while he continued laughing. Nate was less awkward than me, as I predicted.

"Well, hello, Dru," he smiled, "You actually brought the zebra! Oh my god, you're the best!"
"Oh, I know!" I smirked a little, as we started walking.
"Coffee or art first?" He asked.
"Art, their's better coffee opposite the gallery," I answered.

He lead the way holding my hand. Normally, I would love the heat but I was thanking every god that it was winter and my hands were sweat free. We made conversation and I suggested we call people from Chatzy to rub this super fun trip in their faces.

I cut off what ever he had been saying by asking, "Why are we going down here?" in an extremely quiet, and strained voice.

I'm surprised that the words even made it out my mouth. We had turned left, into an ally. I scary ally, with faded, old posters for events that occurred ages ago and trash on the ground, cigarette butts, glass... He point up at a sign, a familiar sign.

"Record store's down here," he said, "Sorry if that scared you, I should've said something earlier."

The tone he used was different to the one he was using before, the smile that hadn't left his lips didn't make it to his eyes. Despite that I brought it. I smiled and sighed- a split second before my mouth was covered and I was pushed around a corner, out of sight from the public.

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