The Path That Everybody Takes

Last night I was thinking about writing and I realised I hadn't in a while, so I decided to write something. The stuff here is the beginning of my idea, and I don't know it's worth continuing so I want your opinion :) This is the first thing I've written in a very long time that's had actual characters rather than implied stuff with just a whole bunch of jumbled thoughts or ideas.

Please rate and comment, because it really does help and I love to know what you guys think :)

Chapter 1

I like to think of myself as unselfish, thinking of myself only after thinking of the people I care about. People are harsh, critical, always seeking attention and affection, and putting them first satiates their desire for those things for enough time for me to think about myself. I never really needed much, just the occasional smile or compliment and I would be content for the day. Night brought its own issues, but they could be resolved with music or watching the moon roll through the sky on its ever-flat plane of existence. The moon always did ooze with a relaxed content feeling that soon melted away anything negative building inside me. Thinking of others never bothered me, so long as I felt secure in my own little world, away from harm and discomfort, and so I let myself become secondary. I brought to life a bubble and found myself inside it, going unnoticed throughout the day and relying on the moon more and more to fill me with calm before I drifted to sleep and awoke to myself as I was, raw and frayed so far in that no amount of smiles would make me new again. Lungs inflate and deflate, and hearts beat and pump, but when it comes down to it, no amount of life force can force life into someone like me.

Nights can pass in a blur sometimes, a seemingly endless shadow-world where people don't matter and feelings splash out like the waterfalls of emotions they are. Those nights were the ones where I fell asleep lying sideways on the bed, my head on an angle so I could see the moon before it moved beyond my sight and I closed my eyes and fell into nothing. The nights that I woke up to every creak in the walls and car on the road, shivering because I had thrown away all my blankets. It was a night like that when I realised I was lost.


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