The War of Mars

Bsed on rhe book and movie "john carter"

Chapter 1


by: cjcj
Mars. The red planet. We think of it as a dry, dead, wasteland.

But to its inhabbitants, it is barsoom.

It was once a wonderous place, with five great oceans and many, peacefull people.

But no longer.

Now it is dry, most of the water comes from a plant. Both the red and green men are warlike species. They live under the rule of there jeds and jeddack. Fear is something of extreme rarity on the planet. And its like this for thousands of years.

But a few centuries ago, someone came to barsoom. A man, from earth. He united many of tribes of barsoom. From the grandcity of helium, and its red warriors, to the hoards of green men that live in the ancient sea bottoms, including the great thark empire.

But eventually this man died. And soon after, the evil city of zodanga allied with the barbarious hoard of warhoons, and other, smaller, hoardes. They wiped out all the tharks, and killed thousands more. Helium was the last great nation left to fight, but they were hoplessly out matched. But they thought of people that could help fight back. People like there former warlord. The people, of earth.

-jed= king
-jeddack= emperor
-hoard= empire of green men

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