Muffins and Cola

Muffins and Cola

Jason wants to travel cross-country with his band Chemical Soul but his mom wants him to go to the university.
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Chapter 2


by: Kobabe
“I’m going to college.” Emmet sat up straight in the driver’s seat. “I know it’s sudden and I know we’re supposed to go cross-country, but my dad…” He trailed off as he started to drive. “Dude, you can’t just quit now! School ends in less than a month. How on earth are we going to find a new drummer in time?” “I’m sorry, Jason. I really am, but its family first. My dad wants me to go. So I’m going. I can’t just say I’m not, he already has my college check waiting on the counter.”
I sighed, “Can you let me out? I think I’m going to stay home today.” “C’mon, Jason, don’t be like that.”
“If you want to talk to me, I’ll be at home. I’m staying home for the rest of the week. I’ll see you tonight at the gig, that is, if you’re not studying to get into college.” He pulled over, “You know, you can be a real jackass.” “I know.” I climbed out the car and started walking home.
Right before I walked through the front door, my cell phone rang. I answered without checking who it was. Big mistake. “What the hell is your problem?” Kimmie screamed on the other end. “What are you talking about?” “I just got a very upsetting phone call from Sirus who got a very upsetting phone call from Emmet.” “Me and Emmet didn’t really talk well.” I opened the front door and walked inside. “Are you at home?” “Yeah. There was no way I was going to let that bastard drive me to school.” Then she hung up. Whatever. She could be mad all she wants, she wasn’t there. She didn’t know how angry I actually was. I charged into my bedroom and took off my shoes. I put my phone on the charger and walked into the living room. I flipped the TV on and kicked back the futon. Then I dozed off while watching a re-run of American Idol.

I heard the doorbell. I rubbed my eyes while walking over to the front door. I looked through the peephole. It was Kimmie and Nathan. What time was it? I checked the clock hanging above the door, it was 3:45. School ended fifteen minutes ago. I opened the door. Kimmie mauled me in a hug, “Hi!” I pushed her off, “What are you doing here?” Nathan coughed and gave me a piece of folded line paper. I unfolded the paper as they both walked into my house.

We heard about your fight with Emmet. He came to school really pissed off. What did you say to him?

I said, “It wasn’t my fault. He was being rude and insensitive about the whole thing.” “That doesn’t give you the right to judge him. I mean, who are you to judge him?” Kimmie said stomping her boots. “I have every right to judge him. At least I’m straight with you guys. He couldn’t even come out and say it.” “He did eventually.” Nathan said. I rolled my eyes, “Listen, if you guys want to be bitter about it then you can leave. You guys made me do it anyway.” “Okay.” Nathan said as he put on his silent headphones. He walked out of the house but Kimmie stayed behind. “Why did you do that, Jason?” She asked taking off her sunglasses and red coat. “What do you want me to do, Kimmie?” “Be Jason Kajwood. Be the guy I fell in love with.” “I don’t know if I can be that gu- Wait, what?” She sighed, “I’ll see you at the gig.” Then she walked out. I stood there awhile, just staring at the front door she just walked out of. Surprisingly the only thing I could say to myself was, “Mom was right?” I walked back into the kitchen, then the living room, then by the bathroom. I was pretty much just wandering around the whole house in shock. I mean what the hell? Kimmie said she’s in love me.

Of course, I was still going to the gig. I put on the outfit that Kimmie had set out for us. It was a white shirt with black smoke and in the center of the smoke were my initials. The pants were white jeans that were cuffed at the bottom. We could wear any shoes we wanted; I decided to wear my black cleats. Before heading out, I grabbed my wallet and the guitars. Emmet brought all the amps, Nathan brought Emmet’s performance drum set. Nathan had a huge van so that worked out for him. Sirus brought his portable piano and Kimmie brought extra outfits and her makeup.
Tonight, we were doing one song in between a comedy show. The show was set up in the drama center of Gregory University. This was going to be our last gig before school ended. Gregory University was three miles away from my house, with no car and the buses were all gone because it was already 10 o` clock, I was most likely going to get there just in time. I started to pick up my pace a bit.
When I got to the drama center, the comedy show was just starting. I ran backstage. “You’re late!” Sirus screamed at me. “I’m sorry, I don’t have a ride.” “We have twenty minutes until we’re up. Hook up the mics and the amps.” “I’m on it!” Kimmie emerged from a changing room. We locked eyes for half a second. She looked away and it seemed like she was regretting what she said earlier today.
I hooked the backup mics to our shirts, but purposely skipped Kimmie. That would just be awkward pinning a microphone to that sexy black dress… Ah, stop it.
I hooked up the instruments to the amps. When I finished hooking up everything, Kimmie skipped towards me, “Are you going to avoid me or put on my mic?” I sighed and looked at her, “What you said earlier…” She tried to smile, “That was really embarrassing, let’s not talk about it.” “But we’re eventually going to have to…” “Just put on my mic, Jason!” I grabbed the mic out of my pocket and untangled the chord. “One more minute until Chemical Soul is up!” called the supervisor. I hooked on the mic to the inside of her dress. Then she walked back to her makeup table frustrated. Tonight we were doing a cover of Shout by Tears for Fears. It was simple and since not a lot of our usual fans were there we wanted to make a good impression. “Thirty more seconds, you guys!” The supervisor called. Emmet walked up to me, “Hey.” I ignored him.
It was our time now. We all ran out on the stage and the audience cheered. There were a couple of camera flashes. Then Emmet started the beat and Nathan started playing. I would be singing this with Kimmie. I held my guitar tightly as I stepped up to the mic, “Shout, shout. Let it all out! These are the things I can do without, c’mon… I’m talking to you… c’mon…” We let it rip onstage! Then I got my own guitar solo at the end. The crowd went wild! And for a while, it was like we were real rock stars. The screaming of the guitar, the beats of the drums, the angelic singing. We were putting our passion into this, I was slamming the guitar like a rock legend! But then, it was over in heartbeat. Before we went backstage, I yelled “Thanks!” and gave a little wave. The girls practically had seizures. I heard Kimmie scoff and stomp backstage. I ran backstage; everyone else was leaving except Kimmie who was sitting at her makeup table. I started to see tears weld up in her eyes. I tapped her shoulder and she span around in her blue leather chair. “Um, I’d like to be left alone, Jason.” I could tell she was doing her very best not to cry. I kneeled down to face her, “Why me? You could’ve fallen for Sirus or Emmet or even Nathan. But you liked me. I’m the jerk, remember?” She sniffled and giggled, “Do you remember when we first met in 9th grade?” “No.” “Well, Emmet was making fun of me because I was the first black person he had ever met who didn’t like rap music. He told me I was going against my DNA and my culture; you know stupid Emmet stuff like that. But then you told him to stop…”
“Well who the hell cares if she doesn’t like rap music? I don’t like rap music, so why should it be any different just because she’s black? Music isn’t made for specific races, it’s made for people’s enjoyment!”

“Really? I said that?” She sniffled again, “Yeah, you stood up for me even though it was against your best friend. I mean, nobody ever does that. I guess that was when I really started to feel something for you. So, I guess I just started following you guys around and we became really good friends by the end of freshmen year and during the honor roll ceremony, you asked me to join Chemical Soul. But when junior year came around and you started to get more interested in girls… You became really difficult to talk to. It was like I was always in your way, like I was girl repellent or something.” This was it, she was starting with the tears. God, I hate when girls cry. It really breaks my heart. I guess that’s why I said this, “I’ll take you out on a date, okay?” She looked through her tears, “Are you serious?” “Yeah. How about tomorrow night?” She nodded and gave me a hug, “Thank you, Jason.” This was the first time I hugged her back. This was not one of her usual wild hugs. This was more of an embrace. I had never seen this side of her before, did I really make her this way?

When I woke up the next morning, I opened my eyes to Kimmie sleeping beside me. No, we didn’t because I know you’re wondering. Sirus ditched her after the show, he was supposed to walk her home because she lives by the woods and there had been rumors going around school that there was a serial killer on the loose. She refused to walk home alone so I was forced to invite her over, she told her Dad over the phone that she was going to sleep over at Melanie’s, a girl from her roller skating competitions, house. I sat on the edge of my bed, remembering last night.
In a split second, Mom burst through the door and shrieked at the sight of a girl in my bed! Before she could scream her head off and wake up Kimmie, I ushered her outside my bedroom. “Mom-” “I told you no girls, Jason! But you had them over anyway!” “There was no them, Mom! It’s just Kimmie! She’s just my friend and nothing more!” “Then why in God’s name is she sleeping in your bed, Jason? You could’ve pulled out the futon!” “Mom-” “You already know how I feel about sex before marriage!” “Mother, we did not have sex!” “How can I believe you, Jason?” She was screaming at the top of her lungs now, “You already broke one simple rule I set for you! How can I trust you with a big one like that?” Kimmie emerged from my bedroom and stood beside me. She had my tiny 49ers jersey I wore in sixth grade on for pajamas because she didn’t have any. The jersey only reached right under her butt. “Ms. Kajwood. I should leave, right?” “I’d advise that young Miss Fares. I’ll be calling your parents, too.” Kimmie sighed and put on her usual lively and bright smile, “Okay, I’ll just go change into my clothes then!” She walked back into my room. “She better be gone in five minutes!” Mom whispered. My heart started thumping and my blood started to boil. As she started to stomp off to her room, I caught her arm. I put my finger in her face and yelled, “God, you can be such a b_tch sometimes! She had a rough night so I let her stay over! But I’ll say this to protect Kimmie’s reputation, I have never ever had sex with her! And for the record, Mother, I’ve already lost my virginity!” Mom’s face turned tomato red. She snatched her arm away and slapped me across the face. “Don’t you ever speak to me like that again!” She turned her back to me and marched off to her room. When I heard her bedroom door slam, I felt Kimmie’s warm hand grab my bicep. “I take it our date is cancelled…” I turned to see her face. She looked me in the eyes with such lightheartedness. “I promise we can go next time.” I said, “I’m sorry for all this”
She laughed, “You’re back.” “What? I was here the whole-” “No. The Jason I fell in love with. I mean, you just stood up for me again!” I shrugged. She stood on her tippy-toes and gave me a peck on the lips, “Just call me.” Then she walked out of the house leaving me, once again, in shock and aimlessly wandering around the house.

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