Who Are You? A Challenge. [The Results]

Who Are You? A Challenge. [The Results]

Are you ready to see the results? I'm sure you are! So here you go! No, this has nothing to do with human reproduction.

Chapter 1

I Am Me and You Are Not

by: TheToga
Here it is! You all put up some fabulous entries. I want to thank everyone who participated and everyone who read the entries. Below is recognition of the writers and their entries:



Pleasant entry. It sounds like you really know yourself, and that's exemplary. I'm eager to know how your brothers and sisters turn out too now. ;))



What if I'm cursed, demon-posessed, deformed, insane, AND just plain in need of protecting, helping, fixing and a hug? It's nice to know you'll be there. Lovely entry. I will try not to give you a migraine. I really don't want to die. But I think you're wrong (TEE HEE): you are special, eSPECIALly since you said that everyone is special. Does that mean nobody's special? You tell me.



I really respect your love of music. It's good to have a passion, and it's wonderful to have something when you're feeling lousy. I feel similarly about music, although it's not my life. It used to be when I was younger, and I do regret letting it slip a bit. Great entry.



I always used to say I wanted to be Cinderella when I grew up. I really liked your entry. You seem to know yourself very well and your reactions and emotions. Brilliant. I think you are really quite mature for your age (you wrote a lot, so I got a bigger picture of you. :))Great job!



Nice job! I'm glad you took time out of your brainiac schedule (wink, wink) to write this. I just picture that school scene when the nice popular girl walks down the school hallway and everyone knows her name and says "hi." Great entry!



Last but certainly not least. >:) It seems like your entry has a darker side. Not that you're evil (or ARE you?), but that you've got inner troubles that you're dealing with. You were brave enough to write them down for people to see, and that commands a whole lot of respect. (So, friends, give her a round of applause!) Thank you for humoring me (and I didn't know I was an enchantress).

Giver everyone a round of applause! Thanks again to the authors for taking a whack at themselves. Check out their stories when you have a chance!



There are millions on millions of us, whether we're humans or not. This has nothing to do with you being human or an alien; it's merely an example. Out of these myriads of living creatures, who are you?

Again, this is no trick question. Can you define what makes a person unique? Is it their fingerprints? Tongue prints? Footprints? Is it their sense of humour? Their intelligence? Their confidence?

You can't name one thing that makes each of us different, can you? I sure hope not! Imagine if we were all the same or terribly similar. How boring it would be! Imagine if we weren't able to be diverse and to think different things. How would we live?

There are thousands of things that set us apart from one another. We see the sky differently. We find different parts of novels and films funnier than others. We run faster or slower than others. We taste things differently than others. We like different music.

Think about this: you can have so much in common with a person, but can you ever have everything in common with a person? Can a person ever truly know what you're thinking? Will someone ever know you better than yourself? It's true that you may not know yourself very well. Perhaps you haven't given it much thought, getting to know the real you. But in the end NOBODY is going to know you better than you know yourself, and NOBODY is going to be exactly like you. Thank goodness!

So girls and guys, men and women, here's my challenge to you. Get to know yourself: Write a story about the one thing that you think makes you unique from everyone else.

What's the first thing that comes into your head when you consider one big quality that makes you different from everyone else? What reminds you the most of yourself? Is it a trait? Personality? Past experience? Write it down. Tell people. Tell yourself. You can't hide your skeletons in the closet. You can't get away with lying to anyone, especially yourself. What makes you the best you?

I don't care if you consider yourself a terrible writer or at a loss for words; we're talking about YOU here. You can talk about yourself. Start small. Tag whatever you write with "WAYC" for "Who Are You Challenge."

This is the holiday time for many of you. You should be filled with joy and happiness. But that's not always the case. Any who actually take the challenge and write something will be recognised. The challenge starts now and ends on December 20th, 2012. I'm proud of all of you who take the challenge. Spread the word and tell people about it. Have them participate too.

This is all you now. But don't forget "WAYC".


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