~A Date With a Beatle~

~A Date With a Beatle~

I was kind of in a romantic mood after writing Beautiful Girl, so I decided to make another story that consisted of Beatle-y romance. This time, however, with the other three Beatles, too! Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

Good Day Sunshine

The sun was setting, reflecting brightly on the waves; the sky was becoming dark as a shadow, casting the island slowly in darkness. You sat in the yellow sand, gliding your fingertips over broken seashells as the ocean brushed delicately against your feet; this was your idea of paradise.
"Valerie! Nathaniel! It's getting dark! Come inside!" your mother yelled from your family's cabin nearby. You rolled your eyes and brushed off the sand from your sundress and grabbed your sandals. Your mother was wealthy, owning a successful company called Thorne and Smith that designs wedding dresses and such; your dad left a few years ago when Nathaniel was two. You mother decided she wanted to get away from the company for a while and traveled to the Bahamas with you and your brother. Nathaniel was playing in the sand near the cabin with his toys all over the place, some buried in the sand. "Come on Nathaniel," you said as you picked up the toys and started walking slowly toward the beach cabin. "But-but I don't wanna," he growled as he crossed his arms. You rolled your eyes, "You've played out here for hou-" you began to say, but you were cut off with a loud noise. Suddenly, you see a bunch of teenage girls stampeding across the beach, shrieking in unison.

"Bye, Martha!" your friend, Sarah, shouted to you as you departed to head back home for the night. "Bye!" you replied, waving with an enthusiastic smile spread across your face. You've been teaching dance classes along with Sarah for three years now since you finished college; and you loved it. However, you wanted something a little bit more to complete your glorious dreams. You grabbed your purse and coat and went out of the door and was greeted by pouring rain. You pulled over your cap and sprinted across the city of Manchester, toward the train station; dodging obstacles such as snoozing stray cats, dumpsters, and even people.
Suddenly, you see a large poster titled ' BEATLES: HARD DAY'S NIGHT- DANCERS, ACTORS, ACTRESSES NEEDED! You then observed the smaller words printed below: 'Auditions are going to be held at the London Theater-be there at 6:30 p.m!' You squealed and smiled brightly, could this be the key to your dreams?


'Hair? Good. Tickets? Check. Necklace? Where is that thing.....' were the simple thoughts that ran through your head as you scrambled to get ready.
"Lucy! Hurry up! The concert is in thirty minutes!" yelled your best friend, Susan. "Aha!" you cried, as you clutched your necklace. The necklace was given to you by your mother, who died several years ago from a brain tumour when you were just six. It was a beautiful silver, with a reflective sapphire in the dangling in the middle. You smiled at the necklace and quickly put it on, it reminded you of those bright days before she died. You never left the house without wearing it.
Your father was a hardworking professor teaching chemistry at a university, you hardly ever saw him; but he would sometimes help you with your homework and talk to you a bit. You realised you were out of it and pulled on some shoes and sprinted down the ebony staircase. "I'm ready!" you shouted as you scurried outside into Susan's car like an Olympian. She drove out of your house's driveway quickly and you two were off on a race where time was your opponent.
"I can't wait to see Paul's dreamy face and and hear his angelic singing," sighed Susan in a dreamy manner. "I can't wait to see George's handsome face and hear his beautiful guitar playing and voice.." you sighed, he was your favorite. You two looked at each other and squealed in unison. Susan then started humming 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and you joined her, singing happily while chuckling immensely. You felt like you could be the happiest woman alive!

"Don't be silly Jackie, this will be fun!" your mother said to you as you looked out of the car window into a cornfield out of boredom. "What's so fun about being stuck in a log cabin near a lake with no friends?" you muttered so your mom wouldn't hear you. For the whole month of August, you would be staying at a log cabin near some lake with your baby sister Tammy and your parents. The reason? Your parents wanted a break from their hardworking lives and wanted to spend some family time in an area of solitude. The only entertainment you had in the car and possibly the cabin was to read some magazines or to play peek-a-boo with Tammy, which got boring after a while. Tammy gurgled and dropped her stuffed teddybear, Mr. Teddy, onto the car's floor. She began to bawl loudly as you sighed and picked up her beloved teddybear. You decided that Tammy was probably bored too, and you started make Mr. Teddy twirl around like a ballerina to the classical music playing on low volume.
You stopped playing with Tammy, and you started flickering through one of your gossip magazines. Suddenly, you see a picture of the Fab Four and a short article below it, titled: 'Beatles Need a Break!' You began to read it. 'For the whole month of August, the Beatles will be taking a break from touring and recording and will be on vacation. Beatles manager, Brian Epstein, says that they will be vacationing in a place of solitude, away from fans and the bustling city...' you squealed with the thought of them staying at the lake. "Mum, do you think they are any other people staying at the lake?" you asked, hoping dearly that you could meet that dreamy Ringo. "Why yes, I think some people are staying there, too, there are several other cabins beside ours.." you mother replied. You crossed your fingers tightly for the rest of the car trip.

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