~A Date With a Beatle~

~A Date With a Beatle~

I was kind of in a romantic mood after writing Beautiful Girl, so I decided to make another story that consisted of Beatle-y romance. This time, however, with the other three Beatles, too! Enjoy! :)

Chapter 2

P.S. I Love You

"JOHN!" screeched the girls zooming throughout the scene. Your eyes opened in realisation; this morning your mother was tinkering an antique radio your brother uncovered in one of the bedrooms in the beach cabin. It wouldn't do anything for several minutes, but suddenly tuned into a talk show. A woman named Deborah was talking to Brian Epstein, the Beatles manager, about the new movie Help! Brian said that part of it was going to be filmed in the Bahamas. That meant that person running away from the girls was probably not just any John. "Nathaniel, go inside, please," you mumbled as you blindly gave him his toys back. "Fine..." he grumbled as he marched angrily back to the cabin. You swiftly ran behind one of the other beach cabins, peering at the scene. John Lennon was speeding away from the eager fans, desperate for an escape; which reminded you of a Hard Day's Night a bit, but set in the Bahamas. Then, he started running toward your hiding place. You gasped and hid with mixed feelings.
John's POV
"Somebody.....help......mee...." you gasped as you ran like a robber caught in a crime, the fans were getting nearer and nearer. 'Well Lennon you've done it, you're a dead man now...' you thought, but regained hope when you looked to your left. Palm trees and mammoth, perfectly trimmed exotic bushes were surrounding six beach cabins. Maybe, just maybe, you could hide behind something; but you'd have to distract the screaming teenagers first. Fortunately, you had an idea.

London was a bustling ocean full of hurried men and women trying to get to their destination. It wasn't much of a difference than Manchester, it was a city and it was full serious business. The theatre was located in the heart of the city, towering over residents like ants. The train ride there was expensive and the train was pretty crowded. Now you were on the hunt in the large theatre, searching for the room where the auditions were being held.
Finally, you discovered the room, which was all the way in the darkest corners; the poster near it was titled belt out the sea, which was an anagram for The Beatles. The director, Richard Lester, was behind a table along with his assistants, giving out papers to be signed and given back to be read. You approached the table confidently and was given a paper which you signed and completed. "Auditions that way," the lady assistant said, pointing to a doorway where lots of people were lining up. There was excitement and nervousness spreading throughout the line and lots of rumours buzzing about, too. There were some believable like 'I heard Patti Boyd's gonna be in the movie' but one made you anxious to perform. 'Paul McCartney could be one of the judges!' was one rumour that made your eyes go wide.

The concert was held in a huge building that could fill over 1,000 Beatle fans, with a large stage and numerous lights that lit the place brightly inside. The walls were dressed in fancy wallpaper and decor, and the floors were clean, white tiles, a bit worn out from age; you and Susan were in awe netherless. Girls around your age were crowding the entrance screaming their favorite Beatle's name like there was no tomorrow. Finally, the doors opened and fans rushed to the ticket exchange to be one of the first to enter.
The concert was the most exciting event of you life! The crowd was in full swing and the Beatles performed all the great songs and Susan kept on screaming 'I LOVE YOU PAUL!' as you two chuckled and belted out lyrics.
After the concert, you felt like you were about to explode and went to the bathroom. Suddenly, you bumped into someone!

The lake cabins were bounded by mammoth evergreen trees, and the lake was clean of debris and was coated with canoes and paddle boats. The lake was called Lake Evergreen because of the trees it borders and the cabins were built like hunting lodges. Surpassingly, there were several families staying there.
"This is just beautiful," your father remarked.
"..Gorgeous.." your mother whispered in awe.
"I just hope the Beatles are staying here," you muttered. Tammy gurgled and fell asleep. "I take that as an agreement," you said with a grin.
The cabin had two bedrooms and one bathroom, your sister shared a room with your parents and you luckily had a room to yourself. The bedroom you slept in had a single bed and even a tiny fireplace....but no good entertainment besides huge dictionaries piled up on a bookshelf. You lunged your suitcase and magazines on the wooden floor and looked out the window.
"Bloody hell!" you cried in shock. A van pulled up at the parking space and a group of people hopped out - The Beatles!

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