~A Date With a Beatle~

~A Date With a Beatle~

I was kind of in a romantic mood after writing Beautiful Girl, so I decided to make another story that consisted of Beatle-y romance. This time, however, with the other three Beatles, too! Enjoy! :)

Chapter 3

Getting Better

John's POV
You took off your shady sunglasses and threw them into the grainy sand near the fans. They shrieked in unison and fought over the pair of glasses as you took off. You dove into the exotic bushes and hid until the girls stopped searching for you. You crawled through the tangles of leaves and stood up and took a sigh of relief. However, at the corner of your eye, you saw a girl your age hiding behind one of the cabins. Could it be another stray Beatle fan?
Your POV
"He's gonna think I'm some creep or something..." you whispered to yourself as John took a look around. Suddenly, you two stared into each other's eyes; not knowing what to say in the awkward silence.
"Well hello beautiful, please don't be-" he began to say, but you cut him off; you cheeks burning scarlet. "I'm not, I just heard a bunch of screams and went to take a peak....I'm not a freak, believe me," you said as you got up and brushed the yellow sand off and walked up to him. "I was just taking a bloody break from filming and went to the beach to take a quick dip, however some teenage girls came out of the blue and started chasing me!" he exclaimed, clearly exhausted. You two began talking for hours on end...until your mom interrupted by yelling for you to come inside.
"Hey.. would you like to meet me up for lunch at the beach cafe near here tomorrow?" he asked.
"Sure! That would be brilliant!" you agreed. The moon gleamed on the waves as the day officially went to an end, and you two said goodbye for the night.

As you approached the small stage set up for the Hard Day's Night auditions, you were a nervous wreck. Thoughts that brought your hopes down were quite popular in your head; and that rumour of Paul McCartney being a judge didn't help much either.
"Next!" one of the judges yelled, it was your turn now. You took a deep breath, and walked up the stage. You felt you might as well be paralysed when you saw Paul comfortably lounging in one of the seats next to other judges.
"'Ello. What's your name?" Paul asked in his cute scouse accent.
"Er.. Martha Williams," you answered and soon as you knew it, your eyes locked into Paul's gorgeous hazel eyes and Paul's eyes locked into yours.
"Well, then. Began when you like," he said, brightly beaming. You took a deep breath, and you began to dance gracefully.
The audition was probably your best one yet; and the judges loved it!
"Alright, you're in the scene before 'I'm Just Happy to Dance with You' scene starts!" he rejoiced, apparently your's was the best one yet!
After the audition, you went back to grab your purse and coat. Suddenly, someone yanked your purse out of your hands....

"Oops!...Sorry I didn't mean-" you began to say but your mouth locked from shock. In front of you, George Harrison was standing there clutching something in his hands. "Oh, its okay! I was just looking around for the owner of this....I found it near the stage...." he said in a shy way and held up a necklace- your mother's necklace! You realized it was not around your neck anymore. "Oh! That's mine, thanks!" you cried happily taking the necklace. "Oh, it's nothing really..." he said, staring deeply in your eyes dreamily. "I should be going now..." you said. "Oh, sorry. Do you....want to meet me up at the park around here tomorrow?" he asked politely. "Sure!" you agreed cheerfully.

You scrambled outside, trying to get a good look at the Fab Four; peering behind a thick evergreen tree. "I could get used to this really," said John, taking a quick glimpse at the forest and wooden cabins. "Ha! Away from recording, away from crazed fans!" commented Ringo. The Beatles went to their cabin, and George, John and Ringo quickly scurried outside and plunged into the lake; while Paul sat in the shade, playing his guitar and trying to think of new lyrics. You felt like you could faint! "Jackie! Me and your dad are going to the gift shop! We're leaving you with Tammy for a while, so play with her outside or something," called your mom as she exited the cabin with your dad. You picked up your sister who was attempting to walk and you unzipped your suitcase to get one of your magazines and brought Mr. Teddy, too. You went outside with her and sat in the shade of a fir tree. You watched Tammy as she crawled and played with the tarnished teddybear for a while and resumed to reading your magazine.
A few minutes later, you looked up, your sister was gone!

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