~A Date With a Beatle~

~A Date With a Beatle~

I was kind of in a romantic mood after writing Beautiful Girl, so I decided to make another story that consisted of Beatle-y romance. This time, however, with the other three Beatles, too! Enjoy! :)

Chapter 4

In My Life

John walked to the cabins and waited as you told your mom you were going to take a long walk. You came out with a navy blue summery dress and sandals. "You look fantastic, you know," John complemented.
"And you look handsome with your new sunglasses," you replied back.
"I borrowed them from Paul, actually," he said, flipping his 'borrowed' glasses around in his hands. As you two walked, John took hold of your hand and grinned cheerfully. The beach cafe was decorated with tropical flowers and was located on top of a small cliff; overlooking the beach. The sun was brightly beaming down on the scene, completing the gorgeous landscape. You two sat on the comfy wooden highchairs with green cushioning. The waitress was in a flowery dressed and had a heath of exotic flowers. You and John both asked for two glasses of refreshing coconut milk with a slice of mango pie.
"So...does this count as a date, then?" you asked as you took a sip of coconut milk.
His cheeks flushed dark red, "I guess so," he answered, taking a last bite of his pie. After lunch, you walked beside the green ocean, romantically holding hands as the sun shone brightly in the sky and the beach was empty; clear of Beatle fans.
"This is just beautiful!" you exclaimed in awe.
"Not as beautiful as you, love," John whispered in your ear, grinning brightly as the tropical sun as you blushed bright pink.
When you arrived at the beach cabins, he leaned closer to you and gave you a quick peck on the lips. You two grinned and just as you were about to snog him back, Nathaniel came out of nowhere. "Ooooo.....Valerie's in loooovee...." he teased. Your brother then took a quick look at John.
"Woah. Is that John Lennon?" he stammered, surprised that a Beatle was in front of him. You and John looked at each other and chuckled.

Paul's POV
As you exited out of the theatre, you bumped into a man running with a small leather purse slung over his shoulder. A woman was chasing after him - Martha!
"HEY BUDDY, GIVE ME BACK MY PURSE!" she yelled as she ran. As the robber was about to run pass you, you grabbed him by the shirt. He kicked you in the leg and ran off. You sped after him despite the pain, and punched him in the face; knocking him down on the pavement. You snatched the purse back and ran up to Martha, proud of your achievement.
Your POV
Paul ran up to you and gave you back the bag, proudly grinning.
"Oh it's nothing really," Paul said, gazing into your eyes.
"No really, I have my whole life in this tiny bag. Money, house keys, phone numbers, you name it!"
"Say, how about I treat you to dinner at the diner over there?"
"Wh-what? But I have a train to catch and I'm not even well-" you stammered.
"No worries! I'll drive you home and I'm not even well dressed! Plus, you're all ready naturally beautiful; you don't need to adjust makeup or put on elaborate dresses!" Paul comforted and reached out his hand as you grasped it, blushing from the last comment he made.
The diner was gorgeous, with crimson candles, wooden ebony chairs and tables, completed with friendly waiters and waitresses. You and Paul were given a table nearest to the window, and chatted for hours on end while eating. Then, you suddenly leaned closer and Paul leaned in, too. Finally, your lips touched with his and you two kissed.

The park, called Lavender Park, lived up to its name. Lavender flowers' pedals decorated the tiled pavement, and willow trees towered over the tiles like giants. It was a calm and delightful scene, with the unusual sunny English spring weather. You two walked side by side, glancing at eachother now and then. When you reached a mammoth pond with a bridge over it, George stopped in his tracks and turned to you, grinning. He began to twirl your necklace, "Who gave you this necklace?" he asked.
"My mother gave it to me before she died from a brain tumor..." you sniffled.
"Oh, sorry..." he apologised, embracing you in his arms.
"No, it's okay, she died many years ago," you looked up, letting go of the hug.
You and George sat on top of the railing of the bridge and exchanged life stories, etc. for hours. Suddenly, a few raindrops sprinkled upon the park, and then came a roaring storm. You two ran through the rain and entered a record store to stay for a while. George spotted the Beatles' Please Please Me album and ducked down, hoping that no one would notice him, and you ducked down, too, chuckling. He began to giggle, too. Suddenly, he stopped and stared into your eyes.
"You know, you're the most beautiful girl I ever met," he whispered.
"You're the most handsome boy I ever met," you whispered back as you wore a bright beam on your face. Then, you two pecked on the lips, ignoring the bewildered cashier behind the desk that could easily see both of you.

"Tammy? TAMMY!" you shouted for your sister, rocketing in all directions around the lake. Suddenly, you see Ringo holding a little girl with golden blonde hair - Tammy! You sped off toward the drummer, taking a sigh of relief.
"Is this your daughter?"
"Um, no....She's my sister, actually," you corrected as Ringo gave you back Tammy, "thank you!"
"Oh, you're welcome, love," he said in a shy manner, "what's a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?" Your face flushed a bloody red!
"My family are staying here for the whole month of August," you answered. Then, your parents came home, walking down the path that lead to the lodges.
"Hold on," you said as you ran toward your parents, and gave them back your sister; and galloped back to Ringo.
"Would you like to take a dip in the lake with us?" he asked as he pointed toward Evergreen Lake. "Sure!" you exclaimed.
For hours on end, you swam, dove, and splashed with John, George, Ringo and even Paul in the lake. Then, you went to the mess hall to get some lunch. All they way there, you and Ringo held hands.
You sat with the Beatles and chatted with them while Ringo sat next to you.
"Looks like Starkey and Jackie are in love, eh?" John whispered loudly to George.
"No we are not we're just friends!" you and Ringo shouted in unison.
After lunch, you swam in the lake with them until the moon rose up and night casted over the land.
"Well, I better get going," you said, gesturing toward your family's cabin.
"Wait! Let me tell you something..." Ringo said, grabbing you by the hand before you left, "You are the most sweetest and most beautiful girl I have ever seen.."
You smiled bright as the moon's glimmer, "come here you..." you glided towards him slowly and then you two embraced. Finally, you gave him a peck on the cheek and went inside.

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