hot with louis tomlinson no.3


Chapter 1

vas happein?!

“I feel my heartbeat,I feel your love in my heart” your eyes wanna go out“really? ” Yeap boobs!...oh,you didn't give your number to me”“ oh sorry ok would you give to me” “ ok”and puts a piece of paper in your hand and then kisses your hand and says “call me____”. You twinkled and say goodbye.“He called ny name! He kissed me!he...I love him,vas happeinin?”
Your very happy and you just talk about him with your best friend to home. You can't breeze and sleep to and just jump till morning.
In the wake up 7 a.m! You slept last night just 1 hour and just dreaming about him. You want to call him but your workmate calls and wants you to go to office.
(today you were to busy and you had no time to call to your new love)
Finally you came home. take shower and you are stressful to call him but you do it actually!
...B...B...“Hello?”He asked with sleepy voice.“...mmm...hey its me_____” he coughs and says “oh!hey,I thought that you don't want to call me, cus its about 1 a.m I think” “hhhhhhhhh....really?!I am so sorry,I was too busy today and I had no situation to call you,sorry” “hehehehehe(laughs gentely) problem, how are you?” “Thanks I'm okay,and you?!” “I was upset today cus you didn't cal me and now,I feel like I am flying on the clouds,I'm so happy”
In one moment you remember everything,his eyes, his lips,his breathe that smelled like whiskey.Your heart beats fast,faster,very fast,so fast,too fast and say...


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