My New Contest!

Chapter 1

Here it is..

Announcing my new contest.. one that I don't think anyone's ever done before! No parodies, song writing, story writing, or anything. It's a little different. It's 100% Sarah style! Here's how it goes:

You have to write a letter, to anyone you want, but it can't be a real person. It can be a cartoon character, and character from a book, anything. You can write to the Tooth Fairy if you want, doesn't matter to me.


- It's due December 31st! So I'll announce the winner or January 1st or second :)

- The title should be "A Letter To ___", or something similar. If I see something like that in my inbox, I'll be sure to open it!

- Somewhere in the intro, or in a little note anywhere, or as a tag, mention it's for my contest!

Recommendations and advice:

- The length doesn't have any restrictions, but, if you hand in one sentence, I mean, come on. I'm going to trust your judgement of how long it should be.

- I'll like it more if it makes a really good point, or makes me laugh :D

I think that's it! So get writing, y'all! ♥


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