A Hidden Place

Full story XD

Chapter 1

My Beginning And My End.

I feel the morning dew on my bare feet, I kneel down and smile, they look as they always have, glistening glass beads. I get up and my smile fades, I see the factory smoke all the way from the city. I am about to go home when I hear it, finally I hear the sharp loud whistle breaking the calm and relaxing silence. I run toward the sound when I get to our secret place, I look around and smile. I see the logs carved into chairs and the long ago burnt out fire, I see the tree's with leaves falling and changing colour, I see our sign, a dull cardboard sign, on it written in mashed berries is our only true connection, District 0.

I sit on the log and wait four minutes then I hum our song for another four minutes, he appears out the shadows, a beautiful boy, breath taking. Every time i see him i need to take another breath, and my heart speeds up. "Hey Della" he says too casual, we are normally more tense around the other, he even sits down next to me, i don't normally talk but.. "What's wrong, your never this comfortable" i say this while examining his face, his beautiful hazel eyes sparkling i stop breathing and i might faint if not for him breaking the silence "S-sorry i didn't know we were still not---never mind' he says looking away. I feel horrible but i can't take it, i get up and slowly start walking away when i hear a loud noise i have never heard before. "HELLO DISTRICT FOURTEEN YOU HAVE BEEN OFFICIALLY IDENTIFIED BY THE PUBLIC YOU ARE NOW IN CHARGE OR THE RESOURCE OF LAND" an old voice says, it was followed by and evil laugh. i look over at Augustus and scream as loud as possible. He has a look of shock and i kiss him, i feel his strong jaw against my bony cheeks, i cry into his shoulders as he asks me why i kissed him, i can only say a few words when i'm this upset so i keep it vague. "My...Last...Wish" i manage to escape my quivering lips, he pulls me in tight as a net captures up and a man with white hair came up to me and him in a net, and points at me "your the only survivors, and your name is Jessie" he then points and Augustus "Your Finnick" he says, and walks away yelling at the officers "DISTRICT FOUR AND FIVE" I slouch back into the net and the last this he said before take off was.."i love you, and your beautiful fox-face"

As the memory's rush back i grab the Night-Lock berries out of the man's hand, it's time to end it, good luck Katniss.


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