Choices must be made...

This is a story by me. I got the idea from the troubles I've been having and all, so I wanted to just make it a story:)...

Chapter 1

In the restaurant....

Sarah opened the door to the restaurant named, Los Cocos, and nodded to the cashier. She walked over to her usual seat and a waitress named, Silvia walked over to her. She then said, "Welcome back, Sarah. What would you like to order?" Sarah gave Silvia the menu and said, "The usual. Oh, and may you please change the channel to football?" Silvia nodded and took the menu, "Sure, dear. What game?" "My dads favorite team." She smiled and nodded then walked back into the kitchen and came back out with a remote and changed the channel to the Dolphins versing Dallas Cowboys. Sarah smiled at her waitress, "Thank you, Silvia." Silvia nodded and went back into the kitchen. Silvia came back and gave her a sweet tea and she thanked her. Sarah drank a little of the sweet tea then almost choked on it and yelled, "No! Dolphins got a touchdown!" Sarah bashed her head on the table and then looked up to see everyone was watching her. She laughed a little then went back to drinking her tea. After she knew everyone wasn't looking she heard the door open and the bell ringing. She looked up to see who it was, even though she wasn't expecting anyone, she just wanted to know who came in. Whenever she saw his tall figure and beautiful brown hair she shrunk down and started drinking her tea seriously fast. Sarah peeked over the booth in front of her and saw he was talking to the cashier. The cashier pointed to Sarah and Sarah showed the face that said, "Why?!" She bashed her head on the table. Sarah picked up her face and shook her head to make her red hair go back to place. He walked over to Sarah and sat down in front of her. Sarah waved a little wave and almost stood up before he said, "No, Sarah, sit." Sarah sighed and sat down, "What do you want, Daniel?" "I want you to talk to me. We haven't been talking ever since I broke up with your older sister... I wanna know why." Sarah shook her head, "Why did you break up with Emma?" Daniel sighed, "I didn't really like her anymore... Love is complicated, Sarah. You wouldn't understand..." Sarah slammed her hand on the table and said, "I understand love completely, Daniel! I'm not a 5 year old asking how I was born! I'm a grown woman who understands love completely! I had a boyfriend once you know, but we broke up!" Sarah grabbed her stuff, stood up and sighed, "I'm sorry, Daniel..." She sat back down and face planted. Daniel leaned a little closer and Sarah looked up. His gorgeous blue eyes were looking straight in her turquoise eyes. Daniel's eyes were filled of sadness and love. Sarah gasped and sat back, "No! Daniel, I can't!" "Why Sarah. Why can't you." Sarah's eyes filled with tears and she said, "We can't talk at father said we can't talk anymore, in any way..." Daniel sighed, "I really need to talk to you about a lot of things, but if that's the final thing of this matter, then...bye...?" Sarah shook her head, "No, it's not bye we can still--" "Here is your quesadillas, Miss Sarah." Sarah thanked Silvia and asked, "Can this be to-go?" Silvia nodded, "Yes, Sarah. One moment." "Thank-you. Daniel, we can still talk, just secretly." Daniel half-smiled, "What if someone catches us talking? What would happen then?" Sarah looked straight into his eyes and said, "I'll think about that, Danny." They both smiled at each other and Daniel stood up and sat next to Sarah and said, "That's, a good plan..." Sarah nodded and they both watched the football game both yelling whenever the Dolphins made a touchdown...


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