This is a Harry potter love story with Darkness36! Enjoy!

Chapter 1


My mom is running as though the Dark Lord is nearly here. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if Death Eaters are on their way. My dad is a member of the Order of the Phoenix, but I haven't seen him for over twelve years. My mom tells me stories about him every night during dinner, though.

My name is Marcie Anderson and I am against the dark arts. I've become friends with Harry Potter in my time at Hogwarts and he's told me about the adventures he's had in the two years he's been in the wizarding world. Some are strange, others, I have no idea how he, Ron, and Hermione have survived.

"MARCIE! We must go! They'll be here soon! Are you ready?" my mom's panicked voice carried up the stairs, waking me from my thoughts. I grabbed my owl and my trunk as I ran out of the bedroom door. There was a man with graying hair, that seemed to be falling out, making him look older than he really was. "Marcie, this is Remus Lupin. He'll be escorting you to the Hogwarts Express, alright? I have to...take care of some business. I'll owl you!" After she finished, she disappeared, leaving me with the stranger.

"Come along. We must be going or else we'll be late!" His voice was soft and caring. I followed him to the car and got in. It was quiet for the whole ride as I fidgeted. We arrived at the train station and I went to find my friends.


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