The House

Rose is a bright and brave thirteen year old girl, she goes to Scroptford Highschool. But then when mum and dad tell Rose, her brother Max who's fourteen and her cousin who her parents had adopted Paige who's twelve. The new house doesn't seem quite right, join Rose, Max and Paige in unlocking the horrific mystery of Merdock House. PLLLEAAASSEE COMMEENNNNT :D

Chapter 1

Dad Says "Moving House"

Rose woke from a deep sleep, her dark brunette curly hair spread out all around the pillow, it was still dark outside but she new it was time to get up and go to school. Paige shared Rose's slept in the same bedroom. Paige was Max and Rose's cousin, but two and a half years ago Paige's parents were killed and Max and Rose's parents adopted her. Paige lay quite still, she never wanted to get up in the morning, Rose new Paige was awake though, as even though it was dark she could see Paige's Emerald green eyes shining in the moonlight. Rose had brown eyes, dark chocolate colour like her hair, she had cream coloured skin, as did Paige, Paige had tufty blonde hair. Max had like his and Rose's father, black hair, messy black hair, Jet black hair, and sharp blue eyes- the bluest you could get, he quite resembled the 'Harry Potter' character, though of course Harry had green eyes in the book. Paige mumbled something, it sounded like "I dun wannagit uw" "What?" Rose asked pulling the duvet around her. "I don't wanna get up, I feel sick" Paige said. "Don't come then, though ever since Mrs. Greenfield shouted at you, you've said that every morning as an excuse not to go" Rose said. Paige replied "Mrs. Greenfield HATES me! She does. Just because I can't do maths, she called me 'STUPID' the other day, she's a $H1t teacher." as she pushed her duvet onto the floor to get up. "She is." Rose said. The two girls got dressed into their, classic white shirts, grey tights, grey skirt, red, blue and grey striped tie and navy blue jumper. At 8.05 they made there way down the stairs. As usual mum had left a note saying:


Max was downstairs seconds after the girls. "Morning. God, I'm tired shouldn't have gone to bed so late last night." "Me too, got a damn head-ache!" Paige said drinking some apple-juice straight from the bottle. Rose poured all of the some 'Cheerios' with milk. "Cold today, first of December, Oh! Advent calenders!" Rose said excitedly. She ran over to the table to find 3 Chocolate Advent calenders. "Great!" Paige said munching away on her cereal. The three of them had their Advent Calenders Chocolates and got on their bikes to go to school. It was a long school day, with the clouds and rain outside it was hard to even enjoy the breaks. The school dinner today cheered most of the kids up though, it was unusually nice for the vegetarian and the non vegetarians, so Max and Paige enjoyed a nice pizza with pepperoni on top and Rose munched her way through cheesy chips and three vegetarian battered sausage. When they got back Dad and mum are sitting together looking pleased. "Moving House!" Dad says and he shows them a picture of an old Victorian House. A shiver ran through there spines. The house wasn't right. It was hiding a secret.


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