Hilarious? In The Bag. (Read this it's really funny!)

Ok so my grandparents came from the Philippines and whenever they come, life gets really wacky. Bit of advice, never bring both my grandmothers together. It creates chaos. And hilariousness. So this is a story based off of that thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


by: _Bella_
These are the characters that are based off of my family and friends:

Name: Arianna Douglass (ME!)
Nickname: Ari
Age: 12

Name: Cassidy Stanton
Nickname: Cass or Cassie
Age: 12

Name: Logan Berkely
Nickname: Lo
Age: 13

Name: Emma Simons
Nickname: Emmy
Age: 12

Name: Kylie Richardson
Nickname: None
Age: 12

Name: Sierra Montgomery
Nickname: None
Age: 13

Name: Joseph Levine
Nickname: Joey
Age: 13

Name: Caden Richardson
Nickname: None
Age: 12

Name: Tyler Douglass
Nickname: Ty
Age: 7

Name: Olivia Hawthorne
Nickname: Olive
Age: 10

Name: Maeve Hawthorne
Nickname: Miv
Age: 6

Name: Joan Banks
Nickname: Grandmother, Mom
Age: 71

Name: Martina Paradies
Nickname: Mamita, Mom, Tina
Age: 63

Name: Micah Hawthorne
Nickname: None
Age: 4

Name: Carol Douglass
Nickname: Mom
Age: 39

Name: John Douglass
Nickname: Dad
Age: 41

Name: Adeline Hawthorne
Nickname: Adie
Age: 3

Name: Aurora Banks
Nickname: Rori
Age: 16

Name: Kenneth Torelli
Nickname: Ken
Age: 18

Name: Lilly Hawthorne
Nickname: None
Age: 44

Name: Oliver Hawthorne
Nickname: None
Age: 45

Name: Fernando Paradies
Nickname: Fern, Papito, Dad
Age: 74

I know, insane amount of characters. Crazy right?

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