Hilarious? In The Bag. (Read this it's really funny!)

Ok so my grandparents came from the Philippines and whenever they come, life gets really wacky. Bit of advice, never bring both my grandmothers together. It creates chaos. And hilariousness. So this is a story based off of that thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy!

Chapter 2

Laughter, Sarcasm, and Small Talk

by: _Bella_
I wake up to my mom screaming my name from the bottom of the stairs. My hazel eyes fly open to meet a pair of sleepy brown ones. I groan.
“It’s not my fault! Mom made me come up here!” whines Tyler. Not the best sight to see my eight year old brother poking me at 5:00 in the morning.
“Tell mom I’m coming” I say. He nods and skips downstairs.

I walk-correction, I fall-down the stairs and rush into the kitchen where my mom is trying to recreate my grandmothers famous recipe for everything-and I mean everything-waffles.
“What’s the occasion?” I ask her. “Mamita and Papito are arriving today” she says.
“When?” I ask her.
“When later?”
She groans. “Arianna. They are coming tonight” she says. “What time?” I ask again. She simply groans and turns to her overcooked waffles. I admit, I am a bit of a control freak. As much as I try, I can’t play anything by ear.
My grandparents are visiting us for thanksgiving this year. They are all the way from the Philippines so when they come it’s really exciting.
“Kay, bye mom!” I yell, rushing out the door.

I meet Natalie, an eighth grader, just as the bus is pulling up. We pile on and I take my assigned seat behind Caden, who-much to my amusement-is wearing a cowboys sweatshirt. The ironic thing is that he absolutely hates the cowboys.
I make a point out of staring at it.
“Don’t ask” he says.
“I don’t want to know” I answer. “So I found this really cool video game-” I cut him off by saying, “Caden. Stop. With the video games. I don’t play. Okay? Okay.”
You could say Caden falls into the category of strange geeks. Though as weird as he is, I can tell him anything and he doesn’t care.

The bus screeches to a halt in front of the school where PERSIDIO MIDDLE SCHOOOL is painted above the doorway. The school hasn’t been renovated in the 80 years its been in service so the spelling has never been fixed. It’s an honest mistake to spell Presidio wrong but 3 o’s in school is ridiculous.

I break off from Caden and hurry over to Cassidy, who is standing with a strangely enthusiastic Logan, Kylie, Sierra and Emma.
“Hey guys” I say, “What’s the buzz?”
“You’ll never guess” says Emma. I look at Logan and I know before they even tell me.
“He didn’t” I say.
“He did!” squealed Logan. “When?” I ask.
“Just like five minutes ago before you came” Kylie answers for Logan. “Lucky you” I say to Logan. She nods exuberantly.

Logan has liked Joey for I don’t know how long. Although knowing how much she likes him, one of the reasons he asked her was probably to annoy me. Mainly because I have almost ALL of my classes with Logan. But this is not the time to think about that, be happy for Logan.


I drag the lovestruck Logan behind me to lunch, where she turns to drag me to the vending machine. I watch in amusement as she attempts to put coins into the slot but utterly fails.
“Good luck with that” I say and turn to walk back to our table.

“Woohoo day 6!” yells Grace. “Oh yeah!” I reply. Cassidy, Grace, Kylie and I all high-five. The four of us all have math together in crazy Mrs. Olson’s class.
“Whats up?” asks Logan, finally sitting down with a bag of popcorn in her hand.
“Nothin’ much” says Cassidy.
“Kay” replies Logan.
The rest of lunch goes by with hugs, bursts of laughter, sarcastic comments, and lots of small talk.


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