Ember (an original story)

This is a totally original story. The characters are all made by me, I will use a few copyrighted names, so all rights go to them. Oh and if you copy this in any way I will literally kill you, I spent a lot of thinking on this! Hope you like it!

Chapter 1


Ok, I officially don't like ashes, coals, lighters, anything to do with fire. Why? Ever since it happened. I can't tell you what yet, it's too soon, you have to know everything that happened before it, or you'll act too quickly and probably get killed. I'm extremely sorry if anything in this book disturbs you, makes you feel uncomfortable, or frightens you in any way, but I need to warn you...because they're coming.

But before I make you too nervous, let me start from the beginning and introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Crollison. I'm 13 years old and have black hair and bright green eyes. I also live with my grandmother. She has a small house in a little town called Bayfield, Wisconsin, which is right on Lake Superior, the biggest lake in the world. To my relief there aren't many fires there.

Oh, where are my parents? Well long story short they disappeared, right off the face of the earth, I was only six when my grandma took me in. I go to Lakeview Middle School, I'm in eighth grade and the only friend I really have there is this kid named Toby Bellers. Well, that pretty much summed up my life before the incident. So let's move on.

It all started when I was walking home from school on a Friday afternoon. Nigel Folmer had been talking to me that day. He was pretty much the school nerd, nobody really hung out with him and he was always on those gaming systems. I had never really noticed Nigel, and I didn't think he noticed me...or did he? He kept asking me how I felt, or if I was sick, or if I liked to play with fire. I told him no, but it was strange because I did, not the playing with fire one but I felt dizzy and I had a headache. When I was walking home, I saw a small fire on the sidewalk in front of me. Worried, I sprinted over to it, ready to put out a fire with my trusty waterbottle, but when I got up close it wasn't there...just gone. It reminded of when you're on the road and you think you see water up ahead, but when you get there it's not there. "Wow, I think I'm going crazy." I thought to myself.

Me and Toby were going to the The Hunger Games tonight. We were excited because we had both read the books and loved them. I'd always wanted to go on an adventure like people did in movies, but once I got older I realized that would probably never happen.
Boy was I wrong...

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