things that i hate about the world

Chapter 1


the fact that im goth and everyone hates me for being goth -_-
what the h3ll is wrong with being goth?
i always say this
" you say you hate justin beiber or one direction but what do you really know about them? you say you hate justin beiber since he seems like a girl but is that really a reason? you say you hate one direction since you say they act gay but is that really a reason?" come on people
just beuse im goth doesnt mean im any less equal then anyone eles

im goth so that must mean im les/bi/gay
im emo so i must ever smile
im a girly girl so i must be mean
im blonde so i must be dumb
im a red head so i must have no soul
i have glass'es so i must be a nerd
i have alot of stuff so i must be a brat

dont judge people without knowing them
just because someone is goth/emo/girly/gay/les/bi/nerdy/scene/blonde/burnette/redhead/blackhead/shy/ quite/loud/smart doesnt mean their any different from you


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