Raise Your Wands and Hide Your Heart

Title credits go to Clumsy_Gryffindor good job!

Chapter 1

Our Original Characters of Awesomeness.

Name: Brook Pattostarr
Nickname: Brooki
Birthday: October 28, 2001
Appearance: Soft, straight black hair to middle of back; grey eyes; slightly pale complexion; tall; slim
Blood: Pure
Wand: Dragon heartstring; hawthorn; 16 inches
House: Gryffindor
Siblings: She has no siblings... or does she?
Patronus: Squirrel
Other Notes: Has a silver owl named Silverstream

Name: Fern Lolyloondra
Nicknames: None
Birthday: October 28, 2001
Appearance: Blonde hair; Blue eyes; Tall
Blood: Pure
Wand: Dragon heartstring; hawthorn; 16 inches
House: Gryffindor
Siblings: None... or so she thinks!
Patronus: Eagle

Name: Nicholas Heap
Nickname: Nicko
Birthday: July 21, 2001
Appearance: Scraggly red hair, Hazel eyes, 2 feet tall (clothes: Robe, black jeans, Aero shirt)
Blood: Half blood
Wand: Pheonix feather, 10 inches
House: Gryffindor
Siblings: Jenna Heap, Simon Heap,
Patronus: Stag
Other notes: Parents: Silas and Sarah Heap Pet: Owl, Screechers Favorite Subject: Transfiguration

Name: Aislinn Lily Snape
Nickname: Ace
Birthday: May 25, 2001
Appearance: Black Wavy Hair, Bright Blue Eyes, Fair Skin, Tall, Slender "her looks were from her mother not her dad"
Blood: Half
Wand: 12 inch Unicorn Hair Holly
House: Hufflepuff
Siblings: None
Patronus: Dolphin
Other Notes: Will Eventually Have a crush devoloping on George Weasley, but he's her best guy friend and hates to admit it. Loves Quidditch and Pranks. Considered Shy but Brave. Her hardworking nature and fairness was what put her in Hufflepuff. She's more cute/average then anything in her eyes. Her dad is Severus and her mom died when she was a toddler

Name: Kaitlyn Frost
Nicknames: Kate, Katie
Birthday: December 5th, 2001
Apperance: Long, curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes, tall, light skin, thin
Blood: Half - Blood
Wand: Rowan, Phoniex Feather, 14", Unyielding
House: Gryffindor
Siblings: None
Patronus: Arctic Wolf
Other Notes: Her dad was a wizard who was killed by Lucius Malfoy, Her mom is a muggle, she is an animagus

Name: Katherine Linington
Nickname: Kathy
Birthday: May 7th, 2001
Appearance: Dirty blonde straight waist-length hair, light brown eyes, tall, tan skin
Blood: half-blood, dad is a muggle and mother is a witch, and she lives with her mother, because her dad was upset that she didn't tell him about her magic for a long time and left
Wand: phoenix feather, 14 inches, cherry wood, surprisingly swishy
House: Gryffindor
Siblings: half-sister named Elizabeth Cassaro
Patronus: Cheetah
Other Notes: Her mother and father never married, so that's why her last name is Linnington and Elizabeth's is Cassaro. To make it simpler, her dad's name is Jake Cassaro and her mother's name is Mary Linnington. She has a barn owl named Sleepy.

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