Someone Like Tom (An Original Love Story)

Sophia Sparkle is a Attractive, Tan and Optimistic Shop Keeper from the city. Her life is going nowhere until she meets Tom Nolan, a Tall, muscular man with a passion for Love. Sophia takes an instant disliking to Tom and the Stubborn and Sarcastic ways he learnt during his years in the country. However, when a Jealous Ex tries to Cheat Sophia, Tom springs to the rescue. Sophia begins to notices that Tom is actually rather Intelligent at heart. But the pressures of Tom's job as a detective

Chapter 1

Introduction Continued Plus Characters

leaves him blinded to Sophia's love and takes up sports to try and distract himself. Finally, when a selfish Psychiatrist, Richard Blacksmith, tries to come between them, Tom has to act fast. But will they ever find the love that they deserve?


Name: Sophia Sparkle
Appearance: Tan, Average Height, Slim, Brown Wavy Hair That Goes Right Past Her Shoulders, Bright Teal Eyes, Shy yet Optimistic Smile.
Personality: Optimistic, Smart, Logical, Naive, Funny, Caring, Humble, Timid
Family: Has always lived in the city of St. Paul. Her Parents live in a small, suburban home in a suburn outside. Has 2 older brothers who live in Minneapolis. Overall successful family
Career: Book Keeper

Name: Tom Nolan
Appearance: Tall, Muscular, Fair Skin, Golden Blonde Hair, Green Eyes, Charming Smile
Personality: Honest, Straightfoward, Lovable, Funny, Intelligent, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Charming
Family: Has grown up on a farm with 5 siblings, 4 older brothers and 1 younger sister, parents are hard working people who don't take money so they can work on it. The family doesn't accept charity. Poor Family
Carreer: Detective

Name: Richard Blacksmith
Appearance: Black Curly Hair, Tan Skin, Electric Blue Eyes, Average Height.
Personality: Selfish, Decieving, Careful, Precise, Observant, Calm
Family: Younger Brother is Lucas Blacksmith, Sophia's old-boyfriend, Parents are dead.
Career: Psychiatrist

And there are the three main characters of the story, this will be started after my draco malfoy story and sorry for the people who wanted a CloveCato story.. I don't know much about the Hunger Games and I like Original Stories. Remember to Rate and Comment with the truth!/

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