A new story at last!!! This was origanaly a UsxUk but then I ended up showing it to my teacher and....well, you get the point.

Chapter 1

Just Friends

-Elizabeth’s Point Of View-
It was another windy day in August and I was standing outside of the school building waiting for Gilbert to finish the day’s usual classes. I turned and stared up at the light blue sky covered with small gray wispy cloudy that seemed relaxed as they made their way across my area of vision. “Hey, Lizzie!” a familiar voice called from behind me. I turned and found Gilbert running towards me. “Gil! So you finally decided to get out of the building!” He laughed. “Not funny.” I grinned at him “Yes it is and you know it! You’re too girly to admit it!” I ran down the hill, Gilbert following closely behind me. The leaves from the trees danced down around us as Gil caught up to me and lifted me into the air. We laughed as we spun around under one of the oak trees. He set me gently on my feet and hugged me tightly. Suddenly, I remembered why I was waiting for him. “Gilbert… could we talk seriously for a moment?” I asked him letting him brush back some of my hair, “Gil, I’m leaving for Boston tomorrow. My dad finally found a new job there and… I won’t get to see you again.” He stared at me blankly, trying to process the information. “Ever again?” he was shocked. I nodded my head. “Correct.” He hugged me, his hands around my waist. “I’m sorry Gilbert I shouldn’t have let you get so close to me.” I stood on my tip toes and kissed him on the cheek. “I love you.” I whispered in his ear. He was completely still as I walked away. The tree’s leaves drifted around him when I looked back. “Goodbye my Gilbert,” I thought to myself, “Goodbye forever.”
The phone continued to ring as I marched down the stairs. “Hello?” I said wearily into the phone. “Lizzie?” Gil’s voice came clearly through the phone, “Hey, I was wondering if you would write to me when you get to your new house. I could give you my address.” I smiled. “Of course I will. What is the address?” I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down his address and phone number. I was about to hang up but put the phone to my ear to hear the last four word I would hear him say for a while, “I love you too.” Slowly I hung up the phone and trudged back up the stairs to my room. It had been a long day so I fell onto my bed and drifted off to the colorful world of dreams.

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