Camp Half-Blood Fanfiction

Okay, the main character is a Kansan in the 1890s.An orphan as much as anything, her father was said to have died in a war and her mother died of cancer.After her 13th birthday, stranger things than usual, start happening and she starts unraveling her family history.
I made this half-way 'cause when most people make fan-fictions of Percy Jackson it is based in modern time, making it based in the late 19th century gives it a twist!The character is a daughter of Hermes.The chara is Caroline!

Chapter 1

Day Before 13

I tore through the oaktrees and through the tall meadow grass.I felt the usual rush and yelped with joy covering much greater distance than what I thought possible!I finally had to stop.My chests heaving and my legs like lead, I set back for our wheat farm unenthusiastically.Another day, another day with those people.

They weren't my parents, not my real parents anyway...See, I am an orphan, both of my parents died, my mother died of cancer and my father died in a war.Now that I think about it, I can't remember much of either of them?I can remember, however, getting adopted by the farmers.I had had dreams in the orphanage of getting adoptd by a far-off king and ending my poor, impoverished life and live in luxery, but no, I had to get taken in by these people, which brought hard labor on the farm and freetime only at 5:00 pm when they were away at other jobs.

"Where in the world have you been, the farm needs workin' on!?"snapped my drunk stepmother and father.

"I've been runnin', have a problem with that!?"I replied daringly.

My stepfather raised his fist shakily and advanced toward me,"You bet we've a problem with it, the farm's the only thang that gives us enough money to put a roof 'bove your head, you wrench!"he tried to hit me but I managed to duck and run back into the meadow.

I could hear my step parents shouting,"Get back 'ere, wench, you need a beatin'!"I kept running and running until I reached Amanda's house and banged the door as hard and as fast as I could!

"Caroline, what's the ma..."She looked at my advancing stepparents,"oh, hurry!"Amanda said ushering me in, I took the invitation with gratitude and spedwalked to a corner and curled into a ball."What in the world was that 'bout?"Amanda asked as she seated herself beside me, her emerald eyes glittering with worriedness.I growled in reply.

"Amanda, do you want some cookies?"Amanda's mother walked in with her apron still on.

"Of course, who wouldn't?"Amanda paused,"do you think Caroline can have some too?"Amanda's mother looked at me and I curled more into a ball, unintentionally biting my leg.

"Of course she may!I'll be delighted to have someone else eat my home-made cookied except you and your father."Amanda leaned down and told me to go into the kitchen.

There I was questioned about what happened again, I didn't reply with a grunt or a snort this time,"My stepdad and mom were drunk 'gain today.They asked me what I'd been doin' and I told 'em.Then, they tried to punch me."Amanda's mother put her hand against her mouth.

"Poor dear, havin' a family like that woulda' made made me run mad!You must be pretty shaken up, how about you stay 'ere tonight, like, what do you people say these days, oh, yes, a slumber party!I'll go get you some more milk!"This was exactly the thing I was trying to avoid, people taking pity on me, but I never had a slumber party and it would be fun, especially since it's with my best friend!

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