I will miss you...;( ((Having an emotional breakdown...))

so sad...

Chapter 1

Crying...I'll miss you so much

Hey guys.

So tomorow is my last day of the year. My last day in middle school... A lot has happened. All the classes for next year are totally different so everyone is jumbled up. But even if they weren't I'd still be split up from everyone. (Because I got in to the advanced class)

But it's also sad because one if my most cherished friends is moving schools. A lot of you are probably confused because I know that in some countries when you finish middle school you go to a new school anyway. Well it doesn't work that way here. So I'm in the same school right up until year 12. Woohoo...

Anyway...Around this time, lots of scholarship opportunities arise and lots of people go sit the entrance exams.

And this friend of mine got accepted into a really good school.

Now don't get me wrong I'm so proud of her! She deserves every bit of it!

But it's just so sad...to part ways with her...

Heh...I'm such a wuss...crying as I type this...

And I will miss her so much. I have organised a present and a card...the whole lot. And I also gave her a packet of tissues...I think she'll need it :P

It really hurts to say goodbye to a friend thats so close to you. She was always there for me, she'd make me laugh all the time, and we both understood eachother.

So ignoring the fact that I'm an emotional wreck right now, I just want to wish her all the best and I hope she succeeds in whatever she chooses to do in life. Wait not scratch that. I know she'll succeed.

I will miss you~

So much~

Have a good time mush mush~ (Mush mush is her little pet name we created. I'm shroom :P)

From your little shroom~ xxx


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