The Underground City (An Original Story)

When city in the mantle of the Earth runs out of supplies, havoc is wreaked.

Chapter 1



There is a city beneath your feet. You can dig a hole as deep as you want, but you’ll never find it. And if you ever did dig deep enough, the citizens of the city would have to kill you.

It’s below the ground that you walk on, in the area that you call the mantle of the Earth. It’s hotter than the cities and parts of the ocean that lie directly on the equator where you live. Rocks are everywhere you look when you’re in the city; above you, below you, left, right. Some are hotter than the air itself.

The citizens of this city have to wear flame-proof suits at all times, and although they have built-in air conditioning, most still perspire throughout most of the day. They never see the sun, the moon, or the stars. They will never have the four seasons. The only reason that the citizens can see is because of the lights that hang off the sides of the buildings.

The citizens of Underground City have evolved to fit the conditions that they live in, so they look different than you. They have no hair on their bodies, because hair keeps you warm, and they are as warm as they will ever need to be. The citizens’ pupils are much larger than yours to enable us to see well. But fear not, they are still humans.

What do you think will happen when Underground City runs out of light bulbs and the food that they stole from your part of the earth? The answer is chaos.


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