Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Gods of Hogwarts (Thor/Harry Potter Crossover)

Loki and Thor have been fighting. A lot. And now Odin has gotten quite annoyed. As a punishment they've been 'grounded' to Earth.

But, as Odin knows that chaos will undoubtedly break out if they are left to figure out how to deal with Muggles, Odin has talked with the awesome Prof. Dumbledore, and created a cover story for the two to go to Hogwarts. Will they be accepted? Will they be able to stand the Mortals? What house will they be in? And, will Loki one day join Voldemort or not?

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: 68687
The two boys broke out in yells one again.

"Thor! I cannot believe you! Sometimes I seriously think that I'm adopted!"

"Well don't touch my belongings! They're mine, and not yours! Why in the name of Odin did you have to go and put butter on Mjolnir, Loki!?"

"Because you're such a stupid oaf, I thought it would teach you a lesson! Maybe next time I'll do worse!"

"That is enough!" Thundered the Allfather. The two boys stopped suddenly and turned around to face their father's rage. "Come with me, now." Odin tugged each of the boys by their ears, and led both of them gasping with pain to the dining hall.

The only person there was Volstagg, gorging himself like he always did in the early afternoon.

"I have had enough of your idiotic fights. Loki, don't touch Thor's belongings. Thor, don't touch Loki's belongings." Shouted Odin, "And now, as your punishment, since this has been the third fight this week, I am sending you down to Midguard, to face a punishment known as grounded by the Midguardians. I was planning to give this punishment the next time you fought, but I have had enough."

The two boys stared at their father with great disbelief and shock. Send them down to Midguard? Loki and Thor, out of all the people, them dealing with 'pathetic mortal stuff', quote Loki.

"And, you won't be dealing with your average Mortal. You will be going to a school known as Hogwarts, rather odd name, for an entire school year there." Explained Odin. "It is a school of magic. There are children from eleven to eighteen there. And, I have already spoken to the school's headmaster, Professor Dumbledore. So, I suggest you pack your belongings."

"But father-" The two started to complain, but didn't get to finish once Volstagg let out a gigantic fart which stunk up the room, and the boys didn't want to have their noses melt of from the reeking of the fart, they had to leave - more like escape- as fast as possible.


Loki slammed shut his trunk, and sighed. Why him? Thor is the one always being a stupid oaf.

"Loki, come on. Father wants us down in the Entrance Hall." Loki heard Thor's muffled voice say from outside his chambers door. Odin told them they had three days left on Asguard before they left. Today was the third one.

Loki had spent most of his free time researching all about this Hogwarts, and was glad to know that they could use their own original names, seeing as most Wizards and Witches had rather odd names.

"I'm coming Thor. Do not rush me," Loki said. "And do you have any of my socks by any chance?"

"No, I don't" Responded Thor from behind Loki's door. Loki smoothed back his hair, just to his liking, and opened the door, ready to go.

"Well you sure took your sweet time." Thor said. Loki rolled his eyes, and dragged his trunk down to the Entrance Hall.

The two teenagers stood before their father, dressed in Mortal clothing. Frigga came to hug them, and told them to be on their best behavior, and like all mothers usually say when they leave their children, Midguardian or not: And scrub behind your ears too.

They said their goodbyes to friends and family members, and the two walked down to the Bi-frost, which we all know is just a cool name for Rainbow Bridge.

"See you soon, Hiemdall." Thor said. Loki just nodded, never having much of a liking for Hiemdall.

Then, they were sucked into the Bi-frost, and travelled at the speed of light right to the other end of the Universe.

They were on Midguard. But not too sure of what to expect.

A/N: Was it good? C R & F! I am excited to write this, tell me what house you think Thor and Loki should be in!

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