'Who Are You' Challenge (My Personality)

'Who Are You' Challenge (My Personality)

My friend Tegan decided to make this challenge... The challenge is:
Make A Story Telling How You Are Unique And Diverse.
So I thought I'd give it a shot :)
There's not really one reason that sticks out the most (as far as I can see... if there is one tell me in the comments :D)

Chapter 1

...Random Blank Space DotDotDot...

Well as Tegan said everybody is different and I'm unique and diverse by being ME!
BUT if my Target teacher was here she would get on to me because she would hold the fact that when I was in 4th grade I wrote an essay on Diversity and won first place in the school, second place in the county, against me.
SO I guess I could do a little better then that.

Okay, I'm unique because I have a different personality then everyone else around me at my school.

I'm Emily, the girl known because everybody 'knows my name', according to Skyler, who also claims I'm 'popular'. I have a lot of friends because I try to be nice to everybody I meet, even people who are mean to me and don't like me. (that's kinda different at my school because my school is filled with mean and snobby people who are always looking for a fight or drama whenever they can)
I guess I'm a smart girl, but I'm not 'nerdy', even tho I love to read. I mean I don't look like a nerd, and certainly don't act like a nerd (most of the time...). But I am in Advanced Classes, which in my school is known as Target who I'm in with my friend Justina who is 'totes awesome'.
I can be very quite at times and then five minutes later be so totally random and loud! I am funny when I wanna be and I love my friends and family a lot (family most). I also love having fun with them. Like I said, I'm usually nice, but I can be mean too, when someone messes with me, my friends, or my family.
Umm I don't usually get in trouble, but sometimes I do because or small stuff like I don't do my Math or Science or Social Studies homework, and sometimes it's like for really stupid stuff that gets me in major trouble like 'hanging with the wrong crowd' (coughcoughSTUPID!coughcough).
But that's my personality, I think. Sorry if it was like really long or whatever, but that's just who I am :) I honestly don't care if you don't like it. I am me :)


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