Code Geass One-Shots

One shots on Code Geass. OC, Akira Hirosuji, used.

Chapter 1

Remember? (SuzakuxOC)

The silverware clattered loudly as Rolo Lamperouge stood up. 
"Brother!" he whined as Lelouch and Suzaku dug into their slices of cake. They both stared at him. Akira peered down at hers, as if it was poisonous. Maybe he felt lonely, seeming he was the only without the sweet desert.
"Rolo?" Lelouch questioned, Rolo glaring. Suzaku dropped his fork next to the plate, smiling. Akira pushed away her cake,
"I hate cake.." she muttered as Suzaku stares at hers, like a cat eyeing a fish in a tank.
"We'll get another slice then." Lelouch interuptted
    Lelouch examined his foster brother's expression and then looking down at the younger boy's dinner. His plate was empty, except for the stray veggies he had escaped from.
Rolo left the table rudely. Lelouch didn't object as Suzaku went back to his desert, grabbing Akira's with it, though he dragged along an angry monster too. Lelouch, though, watched as Rolo left the room. 
    "Rolo..." he called as he quickly got up from his seat. Akira pushed his chair away  from hers, taking up the excess space with her chair. 
"You stole my cake!" she squealed. Suzaku laughed, temptingly jabbing his fork into Akira's desert. Akira reached over to Lelouch's plate and nabbed the silver weapon, before jabbing it angrily into the cake of which her peer had nibbled upon. 
   "Kirry... that's.. " Suzaku muttered, though his worst fears were confirmed as Akira sticks the soft edible into her open mouth, "... Lelouch's..."
"Whatever!" Akira smirked as she chews on the disgusting and sweet cake. She had won, hadn't she?
     Everything fell silent as Suzaku leaned forward. Their faces nearly touching. Akira stared into her crush's emerald eyes. 
  They both were interrupted and looked over from where the sound had came from. A camera of which Lelouch and Rolo manned. They both had a wide smile.
"Lulu! Rolo!" Akira muttered, though she wasn't allowed to be angry as Suzaku leaned over once again and with her face in his warm hands, pecked her on the lips.
    Akira blushed madly as she shoved the boy away and again, a click went off, flashing once more. 
  "Oh! I hate you!" she laughed, but she doesn't give chase to the two, but instead, pulls Suzaku in and plants a kiss on his cheek.
"Revenge." she giggles as the boy turns away.
   Akira smiled widely, the kind of smile of which she hasn't had since she was a young child and she said, jokingly, 
"I love you!" 

     "Hey..." I whisper to the brown haired boy beside me. He wore Zero's outfit, but his mask was off. He looks over at me. I must have been a wreak. 
   "Remember... When we all ate dinner with... Le..." I couldn't say anymore as I broke down into tears and sobs racks my body. I grasp the sword of which had Lelouch's blood stained upon the blade. The blood of my first and last friend...   I was still attempting to finish my sentence, "... With... Lelouch... And Rolo...?" 
    Suzaku pulls me to his chest, holding me close to him. I could tell he was crying too as he took deep breaths.
"Yeah... I do.." he mutters, somewhat squeezed. 
"I love you still..." I pant through my wailing cries. The man of who I had known since childhood is gone now. The boy of who I befriended was dead now too... I only had the lone wolf of which I grew up with here... Holding me... That was enough, wasn't it? 
  I grab Suzaku's hand tightly through the embrace, though not enough to hurt him.
"Don't.. Ever.. Go..." I plead him as we stood in the empty room. The empty room of Lelouch Lamperouge.
"No.. I won't.." he reassures, letting me go and emerald met mahogany eyes. 
"I promise you... I won't." and I feel his warm lips upon mine, and for maybe once,
I knew it wasn't a lie. 


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