A Letter To Katpiss Neverclean (Katniss Everdeen)

This is for Sarah's (SnowAngels) contest! :)

Made with love. NOT!! XD

No offense to Suzanne Collins, one of the most awesome authors in the world. :)

P.S. This is mostly has to do with Cato and Clove and how I think Katniss is so stupid.

Chapter 1

NOTE: No offense to Katpiss (I mean Katniss) fans!! :D

Dear Katpiss,

First off, why are you so stupid?! Congrats, you made it out of the arena alive! Ever met Haymitch? Do you want to know why you won? Not because of your stupid ability to shoot arrows or your survival skills. It was because of a single four letter word. LUCK!!!!!! Pure luck, in fact. I mean, the tracker jacker nest was there for a weapon. You just found a way to use it against your (awesome, amazing, vicious, brutal, bloodthirsty, two of them should've won) enemies!! That's it! And technically, you didn't kill that pathetic excuse for a tribute named Glimmer. I call her Blondie. "But how did the nest go down?" You might say. Well, I say, "By the knife that CLOVE threw at you." Then you get pissed off and try to shoot me with an arrow, but it doesn't work because YOU'RE NOT REAL!!! yeah, that's right! I went there! diva snap XD
Secondly, another thing. Remember how Rue died? Yeah, you were sad because she was your ally and reminded you of your weak little sister. And when you saw Haymitch come when Maysilee Donnor got hurt, it reminded you of when you were too late to save Rue, right? Well, remember at that stupid feast? When Clove tackled you to the ground, and pinned you down? smiles sweetly And (be prepared Clove/Clato fans!) Thresh saved you because you were too weak to defend yourself from a girl that was only a year younger than you? And Thresh smashed a rock on her skull when she called out for Cato? And then Cato runs as fast as he can to her rescue, only to be too late? And he stays right by her side, 'begging her to stay with him'? Does that sound familiar? Yes, it does, doesn't it? IT'S BASICALLY HOW YOU WERE WHEN RUE DIED!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?!??!? YOU NOTICE IT WHEN HAYMITCH COMES, BUT NOT WHEN THAT HAPPENS?! I MEAN, CLOVE JUST TAUNTED YOU ABOUT IT AND YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE IT?! YOUR'E SO FREAKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!! (P.S. I was literally crying typing up how Clove died. :'( It's so sad!!!)
And when Foxface died, (here comes my defense for the amazing redheaded female from District 5!) you said to Peeta 'You outfoxed the fox!' Blah, blah, blah, whatever. Have you ever thought of any OTHER reason she ate those berries?! No, I guess not. I'm pretty sure she did that to avoid a painful death. I mean, wouldn't you?!
Um, let's see.... Remember in Mockingjay, when you got drunk? How could you be so careless when you're the leader of a whole REBELLION?!?! Think of the people who look up to you!!
Let's see, what else? Oh, when the Careers trapped you in a tree, and then you spotted Blondie with your precious weapons? You said you could kill every one of them "if those silver weapons were in my hands"? Have you ever heard of blocking the stupid arrow?! Like how you did when Clove threw that knife that you? Yeah, right. Not so sure, now are you?

Okay, I think that's it so far. There will be more chapters, TRUST ME ON THAT!!! XD Yeah, I think I might have some minor anger issues on this subject... I was gonna use some.. words, but I didn't know whether you allowed that or not Sarah, so I just used stupid and dumb and that stuff.
I bet you Katniss fans are pissed off at me, aren't you? XD


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