Support For Those Who Need It..

Read to know that I care about you(:

Chapter 1

I love you!

by: Sing_Out
You hate yourself? You're depressed? You're worthless? You're ugly?

Why fill your head with negative things. Negative things that aren't true at all.

You love yourself? You're happy? You are worth more than you think? You're beautiful?


I have a friend who's going through this. I don't know her pain. I never will. I know that I can't tell her to get better. Like I saw one the internet,"Telling someone to be happy is like telling a blind person to see."

Obviously, this is impossible.

However, giving someone hope and faith in themselves IS possible!

I saw something like this today on tumblr:

Anonymous: I hate my body. I have the blades. What's next?

Answer: Wanna know what's next?
Go to your bathroom and take off all your clothes.
Look in the mirror whether you like what you see or not.
Now, imagine your body covered in gashes, cuts, marks, blood, bruises.
Imagine hiding from your body.
Imagine pulling down your sleeve.
Now, go back to normal.
Which do you prefer?
Put your clothes on, put the razor away, call your best friend or a loved one, tell them you love them and never touch the razor again.

You are beautiful. I don't know you, but I know that you're beautiful.
You might be small or big, tall or short, but what does it really matter?

You are YOU and that is all that really matters.

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

I love you. And don't forget it!(:

If you need absolutely anything, message me!


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