Here's what happend to Harlee.

Chapter 1

Harlee was at her usual weekly softball game. She was playing outfield for a girl that was out (because she is one of the best on the team), and things went wrong. She was going to catch a potential home run ball, and it hit her on the head. She immediatly collapsed, and thank jesus that there were ambulance on the scene in case of emergency. She would've been gone if they weren't already there. I rode to the hospital with Harlee, and she was unconsious. I was at the hospital for about a half an hour, and then momma told me to take Hailee and Hazel home, because they are too young to understand what was happening. I don't know if Harlee is okay, because I've been home since 4:00. She might not be alive right now, but I hope and pray she is. I've texted momma and daddy about a thousand times, and they haven't answered. Ethan, Harlee's best friend, is here with me too. He's getting the girls tucked into bed. I can't even move. It's taking everything I have just to write this right now. I'm shaking so bad, and I think I might puke. It's all just coming so quick. I don't wanna lose her, and I am really losing faith. Momma ALWAYS answers. No matter what's going on. She has to answer. I just can't take this. Please help me someone! I can't lose Harlee!


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