My Story.

Not my life story a story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I remember falling. I remember the swinging pendulum and the pit...

It the day of my trial, I was terrified. What if I was guilty? How would I be able to provide money for my family? I waited, the last human voice I heard was the judge's "GUILTY!" the word echoed in my head. I started to cry. I was arrested, drugged and thrown into a tomb like cell.

I searched the room, it was was awfully quiet and the floor was warm, I tripped over and passed out. Several hours later I awoke, with meat and water by my side. I left it and started to see how big the cell actually was, I tripped again and I felt a breeze of cold air rush towards my face. There was a pit! I threw a stone down the pit, several seconds later I heard a splash. If I hadn't have tripped I would be swimming with the fishes right now. I reached for my water, I drank it and then realized it was drugged.

I passed out and awoke in a room that was luminous, a painting of an old man was on the ceiling. A swinging pendulum was attached to the mans hand. When I opened my eyes fully, I realized that the pendulum was sharpened. I tried to move, but thick ropes binded my to the floor. There was some food next to me. It was being chomped at by a swarm of rats, that gave me an idea. The pendulum was swinging frantically now. I smothered the meat onto the ropes and the rats started the chew through them. The pendulum cut through my stomach. I quickly jolted to the side, before I would be dead.

When I got up, the walls started to cave in. They were steaming, they were turning a fiery red. I slowly backed away and then slipped into the pit...


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