Friend Suggestions

Chapter 1


This isn't going to be a long list, but I just wanted to mention a few friends of mine that I feel could use some new friends on here or who are great quiz/story makers. So here is just a handful: - Andy was my very first friend on here back in 2008 and I've known him for about 7 years now. He's extremely friendly, and talkative, and I know loves to take quizzes when he gets the time to come on. - Is Andy's brother and is just getting back into Quibblo with a new profile. He could use some friendly Quibblo-members on his list. He loves Doctor Who (I know I have a lot of Doctor Who fans on my friends list), Being Human, and playing music. - I'm sure you all know Ithilwen by now, and if you don't you should check out her profile. She consistently creates great quizzes - never bored being on her friends list :) Another great person on Quibblo. - Mercy is one of my top friends because she is extremely real, extremely human when that can be lost over the internet. Easy to have conversations with and to share opinions with. Her quizzes also allow for that freedom as well as let you get to know her a little more. - Chris is one of my last Australian friends standing (I'm sure there's more of you on my list but I had a small group of Australians recently delete from Quibblo who were all friends working on the same stories). Loves music, loves body mods, great guy to talk to - doesn't shy away from any question and gives great feedback on writing.

If you weren't one of these few, no worries, you're all wonderful. I wouldn't have you on my friends list if you weren't ;) Just putting up a few people.


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