When I'm 64 ~ A Paul McCartney love story

Yes. I am writing yet ANOTHER Paul love story. I believe that's about 6 total. Hahaha well I hope you like. Please comment and tell me what I should fix. Thanks lovelies.! Oh this takes place in 1955.

Chapter 1

The long and winding road

"The plane is about to land." the woman holding the speaker announced. It was a long flight from Michigan to Liverpool. I can no longer sing "For the land of the free and the home of the brave."

My name is Audrey, I'm 13 years old and my and my mom came to Liverpool for mothers work purposes.

My mom is a hairstylist and Michigan was completely out of beautician jobs. So we flew across a whole other continent just for my moms stupid work.

"This is home." My mom said as she opened the door to a foreign house. It was foreign to me at least. It was a beautiful home but I wasn't going to admit that. There was a long staircase that curved to the left as it got closer to the floor. The kitchen was on one side of the staircase and the living room on the other.

I ran upstairs to see the bedrooms. 2 huge bedrooms. I picked out my room and started to pack all of my things.

"Audrey. I'm going to do a hair appointment soon and you're coming with me." My mom called from her room, which was downstairs. I scoffed and began to go on an adventure. I looked around the whole upstairs for things that may have been any items left behind from previous owners.

Nothing. But I did find out there was a bathroom up here and downstairs. And there was an attic. Before long my mother called for me to get ready to go to the hair appointment.

I wasn't happy that I had to go with her to the hair appointment. She usually went to peoples houses or people came to our house and she would do their hair. I sat in silence the whole way there.

When we did arrive the house was beautiful. I carried my mom's hair supplies as she knocked on the door. We were greeted and let in. "Hello. My name is Mary." Greeted a woman. She was pretty.

As my mom started doing Mary's hair I heard running coming from the stairs. "Tag you're it!" Shouted the younger boy. "Boy's! We have company! Have respect." Mary said in a stern voice.

Suddenly a boy about my age came into the room. "Hi. My name is Paul. Paul McCartney." A boy, who was very attractive said. Not even a minute later a younger boy appeared. "Hi. I'm Michael." He shyly greeted. "Hi. I'm Audrey." I greeted. They looked startled by my accent but just shrugged it off.

"Come on. Play with us." Paul said. We joked around and got to know each other until my mom called out "It's time to go Audrey."

"Audrey. When can we hang out ?" The attractive one, Paul, asked. "I don't know. I don't live that far away. It's walking distance." I replied.

"Well come over here when you're free and we'll hang out." Paul said. "Bye Audrey." Michael sad. "Bye you guys."

Okay. What'd y'all think ? I thought it was decent. Love you all hug you all squeeze you all. jk. Byeeeeeee! (:

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