When I'm 64 ~ A Paul McCartney love story

Yes. I am writing yet ANOTHER Paul love story. I believe that's about 6 total. Hahaha well I hope you like. Please comment and tell me what I should fix. Thanks lovelies.! Oh this takes place in 1955.

Chapter 2

March 23rd, 1956

Hello again. Paul is still my best friend. We've gotten really close since that first day when we met. We are both at that awkward age of 14. My accent has apparently shocked the whole school. The first day of school everybody introduces themselves and when I introduce my self they look shell shocked.

My mom does hair all day so me and Paul always hang out while she's gone. Actually my mom is about to leave in a minute. I'll call Paul and let him know.

When my mom left Paul already was over. We sat in my room and Paul played his guitar and sang. I loved the way Paul sang. It made me feel safe, for some reason.

Paul has talked about this band for a while now. A guy named John, who is 17, started this band. Paul and I are friends with George. I think he is a good guitar player. Paul wants him to join the band but John thinks he's too young.

George is 13. He's going with me and Paul to John's house. We're going to have him play in front of John to show John just how good he is at playing.

George is coming over in about 10 minutes. While we were waiting Paul sang and I listened.

Paul and I were very close. I guess that was unheard of in Liverpool. In Michigan boys and girls could be best friends and it was normal.

When me and Paul walk down the hallway people stare like it's a big deal. I really don't understand what the big deal is but Paul says that at the school Boys and girls are not supposed to even acknowledge each others existence.

Girls even get out 10 minutes before the boys do to avoid interactions. It's weird but me and Paul don't care. At lunch we hang out. We walk down the hall ways together and I wait outside for him to get out and we walk home together.

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. "That's George." I predicted. I opened the door and as I expected George stood there.

Paul stood up and we all walked over to John's. "Audrey! Paul!" John greeted. I've known John for about 5 months now. Paul wasn't aloud in the band until he turned 14 though. We used to just hang out and watch the others play music. "Hi George." John greeted. George waved shyly.

"I'll listen to ya' play but you're still too young." John said emotionless. When you're 14 I'll think about it."

George began to play and it was beautiful. When he was done we walked back to my house.

We watched movies and then listened to Elvis' Heartbreak Hotel over and over. It was the happening song of 1956.

It was getting late and Paul and George had to leave. My mom came home a little after that.

I was getting tired so I put on a baggy T-shirt and shorts and brushed my teeth.

My mom had already gone to bed. I suddenly heard frantic knocking on my door. I answered it not expecting what I was about to hear.

Paul was crying. "Paul, What happened?" I asked. "My mum. She's dead!" He shouted. "Paul! I'm so sorry.!" I said and hugged him. We were both crying. I loved his mom so much. It was like losing my own mother.

Paul stayed over that night. He slept in my bed, which was quite big. Paul has slept over before, so I'm sure mom won't care.

My main concern was comforting Paul to sleep. I made sure he was sound asleep before I slept. I hugged him and ran my hands through his hands saying reassuring things.

I kept thinking about Mary McCartney until I drifted off into a sleep.

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