You're beautiful, dear. Yes, you are.

Chapter 1

Things will change, but we will remain.

I read in a special girl's photo album the other day something she said, and it really caught my eye.

You don't get it. Beautiful isn't having a perfect nose, or big eyes, or long fingers. Beauty is how your characteristics look on you. No one is born with beauty, but with the chance to be beautiful. ~~SmallFlameBigFire

Who are you? You're a human. You are just like everyone else. So what is ugly? Is ugly having red hair, pale skin, a crooked nose? Is ugly the courage of someone to look different? Ugly isn't a look, a new fashion design. Ugly is a personality. The word ugly is changing, and people are changing with it. If our hair frizzes up, does it really judge the way we look? If our stomachs grow chubby, does it mean we become ugly? Does one detail change our appearance? Beautiful. That's what we look like.

Everyone is beautiful on the outside, they have skin, they have eyes, they have lips. Smiling is beautiful. Laughing is beautiful. Heck, drooling is beautiful. The way we act is who we are, not our appearance. People judge us on our looks, but we are beautiful. And we will stay beautiful. And nothing, nothing should be able to change that.

So please, don't judge someone because they're different. They'll think something's wrong with them, when they're fine the way they are.

You, my friend, are beautiful.


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