Props And Mayhem

Tia Brooks otherwise known by her stage name Kaelen Evangaline, moves out of her middle of the city-house to move in to a hell house full of sweaty, horn e men. It wouldn't be all bad right? She was friends with most of them. Members from various bands all live in the same house, what will happen when things between Tia and Tony Perry heat up? But what about things with her and Alex Gaskarth? Will she be able to stand living there with Ronnie Radke? She and him didn't really get along.

Chapter 1

Moving out

by: Moxley
Tick Tock Tick Tock. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into hours. Tia Brooks sat at her desk writing out a blog post;

“So, today guys, is going to suck. It’s bittersweet to be honest. Sometime later my best friend Austin is going to pick me up and take me to my new house. I’m moving?! Yes, yes I am. Right on the edge of the city, not too far from the beach there’s this big house; a gentle brown exterior with darker accents, four stories high and filled with horn e men. It’s like college all over again. Why am I moving in with a bunch of secs-crazed men? Because of my band, our bands, Austin’s band, Kellin’s band, Vic’s band, all of our fvcking bands. Its going to be Hell. Since we’re all doing music, Vic and Mike thought it would be a good idea to all live in one house, since it’s closest to the studio. I was perfectly content taking a two hour drive to and from the studio, but as soon as Austin asked me I couldn’t say no. How is that word even an option to someone who looks at you with the saddest, most pleading puppy dog eyes ever? It’s not. So, being a good sport I agreed and got the happiest little squeal from Austin. Maybe it won’t be so bad? I mean, I am friends with a lot of them, really close friends with some, really, really close with a few. So, I guess I’ll stop complaining for now guys! See you soon. ~Kaelen”

Tia let out a sigh and pressed ‘publish’. She watched as the screen loaded successfully, waiting a few minutes she refreshed the page, nearly 100 notes already. Can’t wait for all of the orgy fan fics to be sent to me she thought to herself. Tia pushed away from her desk and turned in her chair facing the bed she eyed the boxes and suitcases around and on it. I’m going to miss this place. She stood up, walking over to the recliner near the window on the right side of the room. She picked up the clothes she had laid out and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. Tia came out dressed in a black cut off tank that read “Lust Love Lust Love” underneath a black shear tank top, black skinny jeans with lace covered holes, and black leather boots. She put on a black spiked bracelet and black star necklace. Her black and red hair just past her shoulders, a black skull bow pinned on the right side of her head, bangs covering her forehead and some of her eye. The doorbell rang once, which was unusual, Austin usually rings at least five times rapid-fire, just to jokingly piss her off. Tia answered the door, surprised to see not Austin, but Tony Perry standing behind it. “Hello there” Tia smiled.

“Hey, Austin couldn’t make it so he asked me to come, I hope that’s okay?” Tony’s full lips made a small smile. He was worried she’d be mad or upset that Austin didn’t come, since of course he was her best friend. Tia and Tony weren’t really the closet people, but if in a room of strangers they’d definitely stay close.

“Yeah, that’s totally fine. Do you have a truck? I have a few boxes.” A few? More like five of just DVDs and CDs. Add another five of books. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that many, but it might as well have been.

“All ready to go.” He assured. Tia let him in and lead him to the bedroom, few people had ever seen her room, let alone men. And never in a smexual-fvck me right now-type of way. Tony picked up a big box that had ‘books’ written on it in Sharpie.

“Don’t hurt your back,” Tia cautioned. She had quite a few books so that box probably weighed 100 pounds. Tony glanced up and shot her a smile.

“I got it,” He said. Tia could see the strain in his eyes.

“Right,” She said as she picked up a box just as big filled with DVDs. Her muscled flexed as she lifted the box onto her shoulder, Tony watched as she almost effortlessly carried the box from her room, down the stairs, out the door and to his pickup truck. His eyes still on her as she turned around to get more,

“What?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Nothing, just, I don’t know-“ He stuttered out.

“Ah, Tony my friend, I used to do this kind of thing every day, I’m used to carrying hundred pound boxes a long distance.” Tia patted his shoulder and smiled before going back inside. They packed the last of her things into his truck and Tia said her final farewell to her city home. She got in the passenger side and buckled her seatbelt,

“Ready?” Tony asked. Tia let out a soft sigh, she was really going to miss this house.

“Yup,” She put on her aviator sunglasses and they drove off.

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