Goodbye Forever.

Chapter 1

Goodbye Forever.

I'm surrendering to devastation,
Going deeper than any crustacean.
I'm taking that final leap to hell,
Oh, my life how it was so well.
Kicked in the dirt,
Trying to say it don't hurt.
I don't want yah to worry,
Cuz I'll be gone in a hurry.
Yeah I've messed up,
No one will tell me 'Sup'.
My life destroyed by hate,
Smiles, pfft they're too late.
Don't try and stop me,
Cuz you can't see.
The pain in my eyes,
Suicide and failed tries.
Yeah, love is good,
Especially when it's trapped in the hood.
I won't pray for anything better,
Cuz I don't know any better.
They're telling me to change,
But I'll never change.
If my mother cared why is she gone?
It was always the stars that shone.
I guess this is a warning to you people out there,
Hate on me and beware...

I guess this is what happens when we lose control,
And I won't pray...


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