50 states, 25 pairs of individuals, 2 winners. A battle of wits and brains, pitting the states against each other. If you win, fabulous prizes for you and your partner's state. If not? Well, nobody really knows because they disappear.

Fifty go in. Two come out. The rest are never seen again.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Quizzalia.

Writers include but are not limited to:

Chapter 1


by: x_Lupa_x
After sixth period I pulled out the slip of paper I'd received to make sure I was headed to the right place. Room 319. Usually used for detention, this afternoon it was for the aptitude test.

I entered the white room right on time, and looking around felt like I was in a prison cell. I sat down to take the test, looking at Lucy and Collin and Raymond, the other three potential California representatives. I didn't personally think they would have much of a shot at beating me, but it's always best to be cautious.

The bell rang-we had an hour to complete as much of the test as possible. The first many questions were easy, I breezed through them. Then I hit a riddle: 'Q39: ''What has four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and six in the evening?''

I sat for several minutes just staring perplexedly-what was this garbage? Nothing could possibly fit this riddle! Gah, I hated riddles with a passion,they made no logical sense! I skipped the question and moved on to the next, working right up to the ding of the bell.

When the bell went off I put my pencil down, carrying the Scantron up to the teacher's desk. We all submitted our Scantron's and sat down, waiting for the result. I clasped my hands tight on the desk in front of me to resist the urge to bite my nails anxiously.

After fifteen minutes, the teacher began calling each of us up to his desk individually. I watched carefully but they all left after talking so I couldn't gauge their reaction. I went up nervously when it was my turn.

"Congratulations, Ms. Xavier. You had the highest score on the aptitude test, with only one question missed. You will be sent to Quizzalia in a week. Have your parents sign this." He handed me a permission form.

I felt my jaw drop, a grin spreading across my face. "Yes, sir, I'll have it back soon!" I ran out of the white room, out of the hall, ignoring the other students gaping at me as I pulled out my phone to call my mom.

I was headed to Quizzalia.

A week later
I was all packed and ready to go, hugging my family and waiting for my train, which would take me to the airport, which would then transport me to Quizzalia. The school was paying for everything, thank God-no way could my family ever afford the tickets themselves.

Quizzalia was a new country discovered not far from Hawaii, a small chain of islands declared independent, used solely for the purpose of the game show. Every year one student out of four would be chosen as representative from each state based on their score on the aptitude test.

Then they were put in pairs based off their results, and one pair would come out as the champions, winning various prizes for their states. The losers...well, nobody really knew. There were rumors, of course, but I didn't buy them. Like the government would really torture or kill you just because you weren't the smartest pair? As if.

I hugged my mother goodbye and waved to my father as the train pulled up, climbing on with my single suitcase and backpack that held basically everything I owned.

If I won and came back, I would be honored for the rest of the year. If not...well, I guess I'd find out if the rumors were true or not.

I lifted my chin, squared my shoulders, and boarded the train, heading off to face the unknown.

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