I Wanna Be Free

This is to you, Addie Girl! Happy Birthday!

Chapter 1

Just Say You Love Me...

The cold, stingy New Jersey wind whipped against the exposed skin of Addie's face as she briskly walked to the store. She had ran out of green paint and wanted to finish the painting that she was working on. It wasn't easy to create scenery without the perfect colored grass. Huffing out a cloud of visible air, she made her way to the entrance. The doors slid open with a whine against the freezing air and she ducked inside.

Most of the aisles were packed with those who were chipper in the holiday spirit. She loved this time of year! As she wove her way around to the art supplies section, she smiled at those who passed by. Addie was always the one who didn't mind spreading a little Christmas cheer. If she could, she'd stay there and make sure everyone earned their jolt of excitement. But, she knew she had to hurry home to make sure her brother didn't sabotage her hard work, or the house for that matter.

Scanning over the bottles of paint, she grew weary. Who would've thunk it that there were so many hues for green! Emerald, Hunters, and Green Apple stared right back at her. "Pick me," they shouted in unison. Addie reached for the perfect shade to match the summer's grass and rushed over to the checkout line. She grew annoyed after waiting for five minutes. It was the express lane, but it seemed like she was in line for a doctor's checkup, which reminded her she needed to meet her own that afternoon.

"Alright, that will be six dollars and twenty cents," the elderly man sighed as he situated his festive elf hat that he wore for the occasion.

Addie fumbled through her silver clutch and only retrieved a crisp five dollar bill. She took in a fast gulp of air.

"Something wrong, sweetie?" the old man worried.

"Just give me a few more seconds," she practically begged.

Oh no! What was she going to do? She must've left the rest of her money at home! Panic began to settle in and she glanced to the person behind her. At that moment, she wondered why she didn't earlier. He was gorgeous and the perfect height to her short stature. She recognized him from a TV show that had just ended its first season, the one she never had time to actually watch because of her job, school, and doctor appointments. Davy. Davy Jones. He was munching on a candy cane while flipping through a magazine. A box of cookies and milk were already sitting on the belt, waiting patiently behind her bottle of paint...well, more like bottle of pain now. Her heart flipped in lovestruck giddiness as she mulled over exactly how to ask him for help.

"Excuse me," she whispered.
Davy looked up from the tabloids to see where such an angelic voice was coming from. He noticed the girl in front of him gazing into his eyes with fear in her own. Caught up in such a moment, he bit his tongue instead of the hard peppermint stick. He grimaced in pain.

"I was just going to ask for a dollar and twenty cents," she informed with aggravation.

"No, please, I'm sorry. I just bit me tongue is all. A dolla and twenty cents?" he reciprocated.

She nodded. Davy placed the magazine next to his cookies and whipped out his wallet. The first thing he pulled out blindly was a twenty dollar bill.

"Tell ye what. I'll go ahead and pay for your things plus mine. It's the least I could do."

The girl shook her head, sending her frizzy blonde hair every which way.

"Hey, will you people hurry up! I gotta plane to catch," bellowed the robust man behind Davy.

"Shut up," the two young adults fired back at the same time. They both laughed at the intense tenacity they shared.

"'ere ye go," Davy spoke as he handed the cashier his money. The elderly man smiled and rung up the sales.

"Here's your change, young whipper-snapper."

"Ay, keep it. Merry Christmas!"

Davy grabbed his bag and looked up to see the mystery girl sprint out of the door.

I've gotta know who she is!

He chased after her, almost knocking a few people over, which he shouted his apologizes to them.

"Darling! Darling!"

The young lady turned around and gasped as she saw him following her. Davy caught up and placed his hand on her shoulder, bending over to catch his breath.

"Look, Davy. I thank you very much, but I have to get home! I have a doctor's appointment, then I have to go to work!"

"Now look, that's not fair! Ye come into me life like that and just up and leave? What do ye expect me to do? I'm not gonna let ye just slip away like that! And I don't even know your name!"

"Addie. It's Addie," she stammered.

"Addie. Such a beautiful name... Mind if I walk ye home?"

"Why? Don't you have places to go? Things to do? People to see?"

"Well...I have ye to see, to take ye home safely. Please, just leave me some dignity 'ere!"

"Well...okay Mr. Jones," she sighed.

"Please, call me Davy, Addie," he corrected her.

Davy wrapped his free arm around her shoulders as she led the way.
I can't believe Davy Jones is walking me home! Gah!

Addie knew she had to hurry, but she took her time making the trek back to her apartment. She wanted this moment to be milked of its worth.

"So, what do ye do for a living?" he asked as they braced against the wind.

"I'm a barista..."

"Oh, ye make coffee? I love me a good cuppa Joe!"

Addie giggled. Davy was such a pleasure to be around. He could take the most mundane of her life and topsy-turvy it into something marvelous!

"Well, I must say that you have a better job than me!"

"Why do ye say that?"

"Well...you get to act and sing and be on TV!"

"Addie, it's not all peaches an cream..."


They finally made it to her front door, where the hallways and staircases made the wind's howl even more audible.

"Well...here's my home," she slightly gushed.

"Very....homely," he pointed out. "Listen, afta your appointment and shift at work, mind if I take ye out for dinna?"

Addie could've sworn her heart skipped a beat. Davy Jones asking her out on a date? Who would've ever thought she'd see the day!

"Of course! That would be nice. I get off early today, so around seven-ish?"

Davy chuckled, "Seven-ish it is!"

He leaned in for a few seconds, his warm breath sending shivers up her spine. Then, he slowly, but softly, placed a sweet peck on her cheek. His lips felt like velvet and she wanted to melt into a puddle right there.

"Bye, Addie."

"Bye, Davy."

The air grew more determined as he slipped away, almost sending him out into the street. Addie heard a faint "oop!" echo throughout the opening. She giggled as she entered her house.
The hands of the clock were moving at a snail's pace. Addie stood behind the counter, watching the people move about outside. In a way, she envied them. For once, she would like to have a bit of freedom of her own! Not having to worry about school, making coffee, or fretting over her blood glucose level.

"I need a vanilla latte," the guy at the counter stated.

Addie peered away from the window and her eyes met Davy's. He was decked out in a tuxedo and had a bouquet of roses. He gave her a huge smile.


"Yes, Addie. Now come on, lemme take ye out to dinna!"

"But I still have ten minutes left, not to mention I'm not dressed!"

Davy held his hand up to silence her excuses. He pulled out a white box with a red bow and scooted it over the counter to her. She stared at it in disbelief.

"Well, what are ye waiting for? Open it!"

She carefully lifted the lid away and a sparkly red gown appeared. She gasped in amazement.

"Well, do ye like it?"

"Like it? I love it!"

"Go get dressed then! Then, come outside, there will be a limo waiting for ye..."

Addie carried the dress to the bathroom where she quickly changed. There wasn't going to be anymore customers during the rest of her shift, so she didn't care if she was now leaving five minutes early. She dolled herself up the best that she could with what she had and ran out the door.The limo was parked right outside and the chauffer held the door open for her.

"There's me lovely lady now," Davy cooed.

She sat beside him and the car drove off to their destination.

"Davy, you didn't have to do all this for me..."

"But I insist Addie! You're a princess, so ye deserve to be treated like one!"

"Well...that's very nice of you, Davy."
The two finished their meal and Davy left a huge tip for the waiter. He held Addie's hand as he led her back to the vehicle.

"I 'ope ye liked it..." he mentioned, rubbing her hand.

"I did! Honestly, I've never been in a five star restaurant like that before!"

"Well, all things aside, I 'ave a very important question to ask ye..."

Once again, Addie felt the butterflies swarm in her stomach and she prayed that it wasn't the food talking back at her.

"What?" she wondered.

"Well, I've neva met someone as beautiful as ye. Ye literally light up me world everytime you're around me. I want to ask ye: Will ye be me girl?"

Addie ceased her breathing and she felt lightweight. Her head grew heavy and a dark shadow covered her eyes...
Addie woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside the window. She sat up and sheepishly rubbed her eyes. She turned on the lamp that she'd never see before. Glancing down, she noticed that she wasn't wearing clothes that were a part of her wardrobe. She wasn't laying in her own bed. The room looked nothing like hers at all!

Where was she?!

As she frantically checked herself mentally, a slight rap emitted from the door.

"Addie? Love, are ye awake?"


The door opened with a soft creak and Davy appeared in his pajamas. She couldn't help but smile at his manly childishness.

"Are ye alright, love?"

"Davy, what happened?"

"Well...ye fainted in the car, so I decided to take ye to me home to make sure ye were okay...I'm sorry, I shouldn't 'ave asked ye on such short notice..."

Now Addie remembered! He had asked her to be in a relationship with him! How could she object?!

"Yes, Davy."

He gazed at her with confusion, "Yes, what?"

"Yes, I will be your girl."

His eyes grew wide.

"Ye will?!"

"Of course!"

He hopped up and rushed over to her side, taking her hand in his.

"You've just made me the 'appiest man alive!"


He abruptly stopped his celebration.

"What's wrong?"

"Is there something in my eye? It hurts..."

He leaned into her face again, straining to see if there was a foreign object obstructing her view. His breath smelled of peppermint again, but this time she wanted a taste. She lifted her chin up and ran her tongue along the length of his lips. She felt him quiver and his eyes sparkled.

"Ye cheeky little girl..." he playfully growled.

He grasped her shoulders and molded his lips into hers. His aggresiveness made her only want more. His mouth tasted strongly of peppermint now, with a hint of vanilla. Wait, was that a vanilla latte? She didn't have time to think about it any further as he ran his hands along her sides.

He finally took a breath, allowing her to speak.

"I love you, Davy..."

"I love ye, too, Addie."

He lifted up the blankets and settled himself within their warmth. To her, he felt like a popsicle and she shivered at his close touch.

With her reaction, he planted kisses down her neck as he turned the lamp off.


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