A Chance To Change Everything

A Chance To Change Everything

It was a normal winter in the little town called Elmore. The ground was covered in snow, the trees that once had beautiful golden-brown leaves were left bare and cold by harsh winter winds, the streets that were once filled with all kinds of noises were empty, and I, Nina Lennings, was stuck in town while all my friends were on vacation.

Chapter 1

That Amazing Discovery

I curled up on the attic floor as I chewed on the tip of my pencil; trying to figure out what to write down for my contest entry on Quibblo. I looked at my empty notebook, and then took a quick glance at my laptop. I turned my attention back to the notebook. I had to resist the urge to log into my Quibblo account because the story contest was ending in a couple of hours.

I dropped my pencil and picked up my computer. "I'll only use it for a couple of minutes," I lied to myself. I knew very well that once I log in, there's no turning back. Quibblo was like my drug, and I was its willful addict.

The minutes passed very fast, and they quickly turned into hours. I sat there; my eyes glued on the computer screen.

A loud noise made me let go of my computer; dropping it onto the floor, which slightly cracked the screen. I whimpered a little at the thought of losing it completely.

I looked out the tiny attic window. "Is it dark already?"

"Nina, get down here now!" I heard my mother yell. I didn't answer, which made her yell even more. I quickly checked Quibblo's profile page, then headed out the door.

I ran down the stairs; trying to figure out what was so important. "What is it, mum?" I asked when I finally got there.

My mother led me into the living room, where a tall, skinny woman was waiting. She sat half-way across the room with her legs crossed.

I closely examined her features. Her almost black hair was put in a bun, with little strands of it escaping from its confines and falling onto her face. Her skin was unusually pale, which made consider the possibility of her being a vampire. Her face had a combination of confidence and dullness.

"This is Dr. Simms," my mum introduced pushing me towards her.

The woman got up and outstretched her hand so I could shake it. "You can call me Helen," she said as she vigorously shook my hand.

I looked back at my mother who seemed to be silently praying that I don't do anything irrational. "You got me a shrink?" I blurted out loud, not caring that Dr. Simms heard me. I felt the rage inside me build up. I could not believe that she tried to do that.

For months, my mother has been trying to get me to stop using Quibblo. She says that it's taken over my life, and that I spend every free moment I have online. But like my friends and I say; 'Fight the power!'

"Honey, she's going to help you with your Quibblo addiction," she told me taking a step back. She -and everyone else- knew that I wasn't the best at controlling my emotions, and because of that my dad died.

"I am not addicted!" I yelled. Without giving her time to respond, I ran up the stairs and into my room. I slammed the door, making sure she heard it. There was a note on the back of it.

'I'm here to help, H.Simms.'

I crumpled up the note and threw it out my bedroom window. "It's too late for that," I muttered.

I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I sat on my bed, trying to push away all the memories of my father's death. I can still see everything very clearly; he was yelling at me and I was yelling back. He was so fuming that day, and because of me, he crashed his car, and died.

"Nina," I heard someone call. I looked up, only to see Dr. Simms towering over me.

"Haven't you ever heard of personal space?" I asked pushing her towards the exit. "Or maybe the long forgotten art of knocking?"

Dr. Simms turned me around. She grabbed hold of my arm. Her long nails dug into it, making me wince in pain. "Let go of me!" I begged trying to free myself from her.

My breathing became difficult. My vision became distorted. I felt my legs weaken and my body hitting the cold, hard wooden floor.

'I'm here to help' were the last words I heard before I finally lost consciousness.

I woke up; gasping for breath. I counted backwards, aiming to calm myself.

I looked around. I was in my bed, and there was no sign of Dr. Simms. I sighed in relief. That woman scared me.

I cupped my head in my hands; trying to erase all that happened from my mind. I felt a certain roughness tickle my skin. I took a look at my hands only to discover another note from Dr. Simms.

I left you a little something on your dresser. Hope you enjoy being sent back to the first day of the year.

Have fun, H.Simms.

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