Beneath It All

A Poem

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1

Beneath It All

Drifting in an out.
Ringing in my ears.
Falling, far and fast.
Clinging to my fears.

Depression takes it's hold.
Can't shake these feelings.
Freezing. Drenched and cold.
Open and revealing.

Thoughts take themselves away,
And soar above the clouds.
Daydream of a different place.
Where it isn't loud.

And walking through the sky,
I see a land of hope.
Reaching out to touch it,
I can feel the warmth.

Yet suddenly it's fading.
Far and fast and frightening.
Blackness sweeps over me,
Dark and cold and blinding.

Then it's far to much.
The fear, the pain, the sadness.
And I grow a hunch,
That I've tipped into madness.

Then swiftly there's a light.
Bright and loud and leading.
I turn away in fright.
It shines so much, I'm reeling.

Calling me, it whispers:
Not the dark or cold or pain,
We'll protect you.
But it feels so hideous and vain.

And then the dark feels different.
Inviting and warm. Safe and free.
Yet the light that shined so bright,
It starts to hurt, burning me.

Running, faster into the black.
Wont turn around, can't look back.
Enveloped in the pain and cold and dark.
Inside myself there lights a spark.

Around I see it all.
The things hidden from before.
And I'm glad I fell so far.
Since I couldn't want more.

Beneath the shadows,
I see them now, memories.
Hopes and dreams and wishes.
So much clearer than before.


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